ALISON - Key Persons

Adam Sobel

Addie Bartlett

Adrian Hernandez

Alex Wilkinson

Alex Worrell

Ali LeCraw

Alli Maddox

Allyson Golightly

Amanda Storer

Amberlyn Sinclair

Amit Zaken

Amy Hooper

Amy Jones

Amy Vanden Bos

Ana Watson

Andre de Winter

Anna Kirchoff

Anna Wagner

Annie Tran

Art Valdez

Ashley Conner

Ashley Kimball

Ashley Walter

Audra Edwards

Audrey Gibson

Aziz Izmour

Barry Batts

Barry Laughon

Ben Kantor

Bill Bishop

Job Titles:
  • Bishop

Blake Drummond

Bobby Lammert

Brad Poole

Brenda Cason

Brian Maguire

Brian Taylor

Brooke Liley

Byron Williamson

Candi McClamma

Cari Engert

Carly Nassar

Caroline Vargo

Cary Blumenfeld

Cason Chatham

Cassie Duke

Cathy Iannotti

Chace Spears

Champ Hammett

Chip Ivie

Chris Lively

Chris Van Olphen

Chrissie Kallio Real

Christian McNeal

Christina Rumbaugh

Christina Wilson

Christine Love

Christine Malmos

Christine McGuire

Cindy Carter

Colin Sawyer

Connor Riess

Cornelius Mitchell

Courtney Baro

Crystal Sloan

Cynthia Rich

Dan Craddock

Darius McCaskill

Darlene Gillespy

Dave Toole

David Bascoe

David Blumenfeld

David Jones

David Lawhon

David Pruett

David Sirzyk

Dayna Broder

Deb Cherry

Deborah Morton

Deniece Toth

Dexter Putnam

Diana Mullis

Diane O'Cain

Didem Devletsah

Donna Matthews

Dylan Corbett

Ellyn Stephenson

Elnaz Sajadieh

Emilie Williamson

Evan Stalcup

Glenn Wetherbee

Gordon Waters

Greg Hart

Job Titles:
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Member of the Leadership Team
Greg Hart is a hi-tech leader with 20+ years experience at Amazon in all aspects of product development, product and general management, marketing, content and e-commerce. He has a demonstrated track record leading and innovating in successively larger and more complex roles, spanning positions ranging from marketing in Amazon's early days, to product management in Amazon's media businesses, to general management of billion-dollar retail businesses, to building and launching innovative new products and services (Amazon Echo & Alexa), to leading worldwide Prime Video. Greg has extensive experience building and managing large, globally distributed teams comprising business line leaders, marketers, product managers, UX designers, engineers, machine learning and speech scientists. He holds 31 issued patents with 20+ additional patent submissions pending. Past roles include Technical Advisor to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Hal Freeman

Hannah Kim

Helen Archer

Inez Austin

Inna Eidelman

James Betz

James Toth

Jamie Nguyen

Jamie Simpson

Jane Ormon

Jane Wu

Jason Wieloch

Jean Claude Martin

Jeff Beal

Jeff Fountain

Jen Cox

Jen Engel

Jennifer Hoffman

Jenny Davis

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Cady

Jeremy Hobbs

Jessica Houghton

Jessica Peltier

Jessica Perritt

Jim Getzinger

Jo Gipson

Jodie McLaughlin

Joe Carbone

Joel Desmarteau

Joel Starnes

John Ladky

John Moe

John Teschner

Jon Effron

Jordan McLane

Joseph Rigoli

Joseph Sirosh - CTO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Member of the Leadership Team
Joseph is a technologist with a passion for AI. As Chief Technology Officer, he leads the development of the real estate industry's first end-to-end platform and oversees the engineering team. Most recently, Joseph served as Microsoft's Chief Technology Officer for AI. During his tenure, he held product and engineering responsibility for all enterprise database, big data and machine learning products, with 1,700+ engineers. Prior to Microsoft, Joseph spent nine years as a VP at Amazon where he managed the Global Inventory Platform for Amazon's Consumer Business, and built the machine learning and Transaction Risk Management teams. Joseph holds a PhD in Neural Networks from the University of Texas at Austin.

Josh Pitre

Joy Bowman

Judy Duran

Justin Vickery

Kaley Hebert

Karen Lunney

Karina Miles

Katie Nietman

Kayla Dieppa

Kellee King

Kelsey Griffin

Kevin Purinai

Kevin Steward

Kim Alejo

Kimberley Graves

Kristen Ankerbrandt - CFO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Member of the Leadership Team
Kristen has nearly 20 years of global experience across the technology and media sectors, with expertise in software and tech-enabled services. As Chief Financial Officer, she oversees strategic and operational finance, acquisitions, investor relations, and the new development and legal teams. Prior to joining Compass, Kristen spent nearly 12 years at The Carlyle Group where she led technology investments for Carlyle's $18.5 billion fund and oversaw the firm's investments in a number of premier technology companies around the world. Prior to Carlyle, Kristen worked at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division where she focused on technology, media and communications transactions. Kristen holds a BA in Economics from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Kristin Simpson

Kyle Jackson

LaToya Robinson

Laura Brookshire

Lauren Zgutowicz

Laurie Brosius

Leah Triola

LeAnne Austin

Lee Collins

Lee Gillespy

Lee Taylor

Leslie Erickson

Leslie Evans

Lindsay Kessler

Lisa Lazarus

Liz Scruggs

Lloyd O'Neill

Louise Hammer

Lynda Kurtz

Maggie Wright

Mandi Robertson

Marianna Reynolds

Mark Midyette

Mary Ann Wells

Mary Beth Waldrup

Matthew Biggers

Max Dupree

Mayumi Parrado

McKenzie Huddleston

Meg Garrido

Megan O'Meally

Melissa Hemans

Melody Parker

Job Titles:
  • Agent
Alex first learned about Residential Real Estate from his Aunt, Melody Parker, who is an accomplished agent out of North Atlanta. After having attended business school at Kennesaw State University he started in his first salary position working in collections. Although collections was challenging work it taught him how to overcome the fear of contacting people by phone and having tough, but necessary conversations. Collections also gave Alex a crash course in how to negotiate in the midst of intense situations. While working a full time, 60 hour a week job, he pursued his real estate license in school during the evenings all while being a new father and sole provider. Through many trials and setbacks he was finally able to attain his real estate license and started his real estate career in 2011 working with the Mark Spain Team. At the Mark Spain team He started as a Buyer's agent and quickly progressed into a listing position dealing primarily with short sales right as the market was rebounding from the crash a few years earlier. This was a baptism by fire. The deals were challenging and complex, but gave him a great understanding of the process of listing and selling homes. After 10 months with the team he realized with the same effort he could go into business independently so moved Brokers to Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Rd. Upon moving into business on his own he has been able to continually grow year after year over the past 7 years. Over the course of his career he has worked with many Real Estate Coaches including the Mike Ferry Coaching program. In 2016 he met Maliana Medeiros, his Fiancé, at a Mike Ferry Coaching retreat in Vegas. Maliana was currently selling real estate in San Diego, California working with the Mike Ferry Coaching program as well. They hit it off and a year later Maliana relocated to Atlanta. With Alex and Maliana working together Maliana was able to quickly learn the Atlanta real estate market and in January 2019 they formed The Worrell Real Estate Team. In 2019 they decided to move brokerages to Compass because they saw that it was the next step in their forward progression of growth and that Compass' brand aligned well with the service and approach they provide in their business. Since being in business Alex and Mali have sold over $60 Million in residential real estate volume and successfully brokered 200+ transactions. As a couple in life and in business they make a priority to fully understand all of their clients' needs and truly connect with them on a personal level. This personal connection combined with a professional working relationship allows them to give real life advice that will best serve their clients and help them make decisions they will look back on 5 years from now and be glad they made!

Mendy Short

Meriellen Cole Arenz

Mia Crew

Michael Gaddy

Michael Kartsonakis

Michael Montague

Michelle Porche

Michelle Yates

Mike Toltzis

Mindy Roberts

Mitch Waldman

Monique Williams

Natalie Gregory

Nicholas Brown

Nicholas Maguire

Nicole Kotze

Niki Paris

Nonette Johnson

Ori Allon - Chairman, Founder

Job Titles:
  • Executive Chairman
  • Founder
  • Member of the Leadership Team
  • Founders
Ori Allon believes that you have to think big in order to create big impact. This ethos, as well as his determination to bring change through tech, motivated him to co-found Compass. Ori's background working in technology includes serving as Director of Engineering at Twitter, founding Julian which was acquired by Twitter, and founding Orion which was acquired by Google. His passion lies within empowering entrepreneurs to make impact through technology. Ori earned his PhD in computer science at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Pam Breen

Patricia Queen

Patrick Jones

Patter Byrne

Paula Livingston

Peter Marks

Phil Lundquist

Quiana Watson

Quinten Lavender

Racquel Vannberg

Randall Loehrig

Randi Soniker

Raquel Kimball

Regan Maki

Renee Bissell

Rob Lehman

Job Titles:
  • Chief Business Officer
  • Member of the Leadership Team
Rob joined Compass from management consulting at McKinsey & Company in New York City, where he was primarily focused on devising growth strategies in legacy industries through technology and data innovations. Rob has been named one of Forbes 30 Under 30, was ranked #27 on the T360 list of the 200 most influential people in residential real estate, and graduated summa cum laude from Duke University. Outside of work, Rob has worked on social enterprise initiatives on every continent, with a passion for public private partnerships to drive poverty alleviation.

Rob Smith

Robert Reffkin - CEO, Founder

Job Titles:
  • CEO
  • Founder
  • Member of the Leadership Team
Robert Reffkin is an entrepreneur on a mission to help everyone find their place in the world. He was inspired to enter the world of real estate by his mother, Ruth, a longtime agent who now proudly works at Compass. Robert completed a B.A. and M.B.A. from Columbia University and worked at McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, and as a White House Fellow. He ran 50 marathons in 50 states to raise $1 million dollars for charities - including for America Needs You, the non-profit he founded to serve young people living below the poverty line who are the first in their families to go to college. Robert lives in NYC with his wife Benis and their three children.

Roberto Vazquez

Robin Fink

Roman Teyf

Rorey Bridgeman

Ryan Goldstein

Ryan Sterling

Sam Moon

Sanina Moreland

Sara Mosser

Sara Patterson - CHRO

Job Titles:
  • Chief People Officer
  • Member of the Leadership Team
Sara has more than 20 years of experience scaling high-growth tech companies and category-changing brands like Bonobos, Condé Nast, Gilt Groupe and more. As Chief People Officer, she oversees our People & Culture team inclusive of Talent Management, Total Rewards, Learning and Development, and Recruiting. Most recently, Sara was Vice President of HR and Talent Management for Walmart eCommerce. Prior to Walmart, she served as Chief People Officer at Bonobos. She holds a BA in Psychology from University of Michigan and an MBA from Baruch College.

Sarah Johnson

Savannah Lavender

Scott Lerner

Scott Riley

Shameika Wade

Sharon Clinkscale

Sheree Mills

Sherell Rosson

Sherry Ajluni

Shiva Vasseghi

Skylar Chans

Sonya Garner

Stacey Stoddard

Stacy Lacroix

Stephanie Cole Patterson

Stephanie Frascione

Stephanie Percynski

Steve Mortimer

Susan Fron

Susan Harding

Susan Powell

Susan White

Suzanne Balboa

Suzanne Dils

Tara Tatum

Tatiana Wride

Taylor Smith

Thanhtung Nguyen

Thomas Cady

Thomas McCullough

Tim Stout

Todd Brunsvold

Todd Hancock

Tommie Allen

Tommy Allen

Toni Roberts

Tonya Ellerby

Tria Kreutzer

Trish Byce

Tuy Dewey Luong

Vera Hamana

Whitney Depasquale