Insights For Life, LLC. Is a company whose goal is to educate people who are in need of both Braille and/or Assistive Technology skills, encourage the use and independence these skills bring, and empower them to use those skills to attain their personal, academic and professional goals... Achieving independence is an accomplishment that enhances many parts of ones life, regardless of age or life goals. It can be as simple as using Braille to label household items or medications or as complex as using a Windows computer with a Braille display on the job. Either scenario gives people a sense of self-sufficiency which promotes confidence, self-esteem, and a positive overall outlook. Having these qualities will further enable people to be competent contributors to their own well-being, the members of their families, successful in academic pursuits and productive employees. At Insights For Life, LLC. we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to gain skills and be encouraged and..
Also known as: Insights For Life, LLC
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