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1680 Vine Street Suite 706 Los Angeles, CA 90028
KIND's regulatory technology and compliance platform, Agrisoft Seed to Sale, is built to address the top challenges cannabis-related businesses face every day. KIND's platform helps you manage your cannabis business from one dashboard. KIND is the first to provide cannabis businesses with complete seed to sale tracking plus a fully-integrated eCommerce storefront and payment gateway... KIND provides financial technology empowering the cannabis industry to transact safely, securely and in compliance. KIND's Technology Platform helps marijuana-related businesses, governments and financial institutions to monitor cannabis compliance at the most granular level. and KIND's technology facilitates safe and secure transactions ensuring they abide by the rules, regulations, laws and guidelines governing marijuana-related businesses... KIND provides seed to sale software technology for cannabis compliance. We help cannabis businesses to transact safely, securely and in compliance. KIND!
Also known as: Kind Manage, Kind Manage LLC
Primary location: Los Angeles United States
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