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245 Freight Street Waterbury, CT 06702
MacDermid was founded in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1922 as a small metal finishing business by Archie J. MacDermid. MacDermid expanded from its metal finishing roots into plating on plastics and electronics and extended globally into Europe and Asia. MacDermid invested in several acquisitions, expanding into new markets including printing with the production of textile blankets in 1945, the origins of our Graphics Solutions business. From 1995 to 1999, mergers and acquisitions including W.R. Grace, Hercules and Polyfibron formed MacDermid Printing Solutions... MacDermid Performance Solutions is in the international business of researching, developing, acquiring, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing, for optimum profit to us and our customers, specialty chemicals and systems for the metal and plastic finishing, electronics, graphic arts and offshore oil industries - in accordance with accepted ecologic and social considerations... Today, MacDermid Graphics Solutions is recognized..
Also known as: MacDermid (Nanjing) Chemical Limited Company, MacDermid (Nanjing) Chemical Ltd, MacDermid (Shanghai) Chemical Limited Company, MacDermid (Shanghai) Chemical Ltd, MacDermid (Thailand) Limited, MacDermid Actium Ltd, MacDermid Acumen Inc., MacDermid Agricultural Solutions Australia Pty Ltd, MacDermid Agricultural Solutions Korea Ltd, MacDermid Americas Acquisitions Inc., MacDermid Anion Inc., MacDermid Autotype Inc., MacDermid Autotype Ltd, MacDermid Autotype Pte Ltd, MacDermid Benelux BV, MacDermid Brazil Inc., MacDermid Canning GmbH, MacDermid Canning Ltd, MacDermid Chemical Industries Argentina Inc., MacDermid Continental Investments Ltd., MacDermid Enthone (Austria) GmbH, MacDermid Enthone America LLC, MacDermid Enthone GmbH, MacDermid Enthone Inc., MacDermid Enthone Singapore Pte Ltd., MacDermid Enthone Taiwan Co., Ltd., MacDermid Enthone Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., MacDermid Enthone Trading Shanghai Co. Ltd., MacDermid Europe Ltd, MacDermid European Capital Investments II, LLC, MacDermid European Capital Partners LLP, MacDermid European Holdings BV, MacDermid Funding LLC, MacDermid GB Holdings Ltd, MacDermid Graphic Solutions LLC, MacDermid Graphic Solutions Ltd, MacDermid Graphics Solutions, MacDermid Group Inc., MacDermid Holdings BV, MacDermid Holdings LLC, MacDermid Holdings SAS, MacDermid Hong Kong Ltd, MacDermid Houston Inc., MacDermid India Private Ltd, MacDermid International Investments LLC, MacDermid Investment Corp., MacDermid Kft, MacDermid MAS LLC, MacDermid Mauritius, MacDermid Mexico Holdings S de RL de CV, MacDermid Mexico SA, MacDermid Offshore Solutions LLC, MacDermid Overseas Asia Ltd, MacDermid Performance Acquisition Germany GmbH, MacDermid Performance Acquisitions Ltd, MacDermid Performance Solutions, MacDermid Performance Solutions Canada Inc., MacDermid Performance Solutions Korea Inc., MacDermid Performance Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd., MacDermid Performance Solutions Taiwan Ltd, MacDermid Performance Solutions UK Ltd, MacDermid Scandinavia AB, MacDermid Services Mexico S de RL de CV, MacDermid Services S de RL de CV, MacDermid Shenzhen Trading Co., Ltd., MacDermid Singapore Pte Ltd, MacDermid South America Inc., MacDermid South Atlantic Inc., MacDermid Taiwan Holdings B.V., MacDermid Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, MacDermid Texas Inc., MacDermid UK Ltd, MacDermid US Holdings LLC, MacDermid, Inc., MacDermid, Incorporated
Primary location: Waterbury United States
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