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12 Pontiac Drive, Suite #2 Fryeburg, ME 04037
Massage invokes in me fond memories of my youth. Camping every summer with all my extended family, one uncle in particular used to pay me a dollar per minute to massage his head. This inspired me to create a practice that aides in the well-being and support of others. When I got older I began to look more seriously into holistic wellness as a career and felt lead to therapeutic massage as a course of study. I went to Fuller Circle School of Therapeutic Massage, in Waterville, Maine, where I became certified and licensed. Next I moved to Florida where I got nationally licensed and taught massage for six months. I then ventured back to my home town of Jackman, Maine and started my own business for three years. Later I moved to Brunswick, Maine and was employed by Community Chiropractic for 3 years. Presently I have an office in Fryeburg, Maine, with a second location in Sweden, Maine. I have 14 years of massage therapy experience... The Massage Lodge offers massage therapy services to..
Primary location: Fryeburg United States
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