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61 Parry St Newcastle NSW Australia
Twenty one years ago we planted the seed for a future we imagined. It was 1999 and Luke and Shane were two creative thinkers with hearts of gold, an aversion to apathy and a will to do good with what they'd been given. Fast forward two decades, countless experiences, many remarkable people, and the addition of third owner, Nikki, in 2005, Mezzanine is now a purpose-driven brand leadership consultancy with a commitment to having a positive influence on the world. There's a magic that comes when you're loyal to yourself, your values and purpose, and we've learned that magic can move mountains... At Willana Urban, we're forging paths to a resilient future. It begins with who we are and extends to the impact we bring to communities and the people within them. Together, we have the courage and the know-how to anticipate, plan and prevail through any urban challenge... Purpose is powerful. It can transform your company, your culture, and more importantly, ensure your business has a..
Also known as: Willana Urban
Primary location: Newcastle Australia
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