I started playing the organ at the age of fifteen. We didn't have an organ at our house, which was actually a log cabin, so I played my organ lessons on the piano and rode my bike into town to practice the pedal parts of the organ music on an organ in one or another of the local churches. One day I discovered a pipe organ in cobwebs in the local Fox theater and had to get books out of the library to fix it. Once it worked I then had to tune it. I actually had no data on tuning, I just tuned it to my ear so that it sounded better. That was my first attempt at tuning. I also fixed my mom's piano with the help of my big brother when I broke it from playing it excessively. My brother was very mechanically inclined... When I got drafted in 1969 I switched over to playing the piano while in the army because there were no organs. The pianos were usually out of tune but I had no tools to work on them. When I got out of the army in 1972 I moved to New York. It was there that I actually learned..
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