Alexander Oxenham

Job Titles:
  • Partner & Co - Chief Investment Officer
Alex Oxenham joined Hilton Capital in 2011 from HSBC Private Bank in New York where he was a Senior Portfolio Manager and Voting Member on the HSBC Private Bank Investment Policy committee for the Americas region. Prior to HSBC, Oxenham worked in portfolio management for Mercantile Bankshares, Bankers Trust Alex Brown / Brown Advisory, and Bank of America. Oxenham holds a B.S. in International Business from the University of Maryland, an M.B.A. in Finance from American University, and is a CFA charter holder. Oxenham is also a member of the CFA Institute and the New York Society of Security Analysts. Alexander Oxenham joins Hilton as Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer. Alex helps formalize Hilton's investment process and co-leads the Tactical Income Strategy.

Andrew Molloy

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Sales & Marketing Team
  • Capital As Director of Marketing
  • Regional Director - New England
Mr. Molloy joined Hilton Capital Management, LLC as Director of Marketing in 2014, where he oversees the firm's marketing, sales and communications. Prior to joining Hilton Capital, Mr. Molloy ran Business Development and Operations for Quality Capital Management US, LLC, the North American affiliate of a UK-based global-macro hedge fund manager. For more than ten years at the outset of his career, Mr. Molloy held positions of increasing responsibility within the sales and investor relations functions of WCM, LLC, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund investment group. Mr. Molloy graduated from Fairfield University with a B.A. in American Studies.

Barbara Martens - Chief Compliance Officer

Job Titles:
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Member of the Support Team
  • Chief Compliance Officer for Hilton Capital
Ms. Martens is the Chief Compliance officer for Hilton Capital Management, LLC. She was integral in the Company's formation and currently oversees all areas of regulatory compliance. Prior to Hilton Capital, Ms. Martens was employed by Glass Capital Management and Glass, Sanders, Smith & Miller, both branches of Royal Alliance Associates. Ms. Martens is a graduate of Iona College with a B.S. in Political Science.

Cameron Heaney

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Support Team
  • Vice President, Operations
Cameron Heaney is a graduate of The State University of New York at Stony Brook with a B.S. in Business Management. Heaney started his career at Chapdelaine & Co. as an operations analyst and went on to work at Tullett Prebon and later Rafferty Capital Markets, LLC where he ran the operations department.

Craig O'Neill - CEO, President

Job Titles:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Capital President
  • President and CEO of Hilton Capital
Prior to joining Hilton Capital O'Neill forged a [20-year] track record leading businesses on the sell side of the industry. At Rafferty Capital Markets he oversaw Institutional Equity Research, Sales, and Trading, and later opened their highly successful Prime Brokerage business. Earlier in his career, O'Neill worked his way up from equity option trader to partner and Senior Market Maker and Risk Manager for top option specialist firm CDM (an American Stock Exchange member). O'Neill graduated from Hobart College with a B.S. in Economics. Craig O'Neill joins Hilton as CEO, focusing on building out the operational infrastructure to complement Garvey's investment expertise. Although he had accepted the position, fate intervened once more. "It turned out the mathematics professor who had planned to retire had second thoughts, and decided to stay at the school. And there was no way I wanted to stand in the way of someone continuing their life's passion, " says Reilly. As quickly as the opportunity materialized, it slipped away. The timing proved not to be right so we decided to part ways. It was the right thing and, as it turns out, the door at Hilton was wide open." Craig O'Neill, President and CEO of Hilton, was a friend and confidante who invited Reilly to collaborate with some of the Hilton team members as Reilly charted his next move. "The process was incredibly organic," recalls Reilly. "I knew most of the team and had always believed in Hilton's methodology. It's hard not to. I believed in the product, the model and mostly their commitment. Moreover, it was known in the investment community that these guys were on a great trajectory." Reilly officially joined Hilton Capital in 2017 and was immediately tasked with rolling out the Efficient Tactical Income Strategy, an initiative the firm wanted to get off the ground. "Some of the institutional partners wanted access to a strategy built on the success of Bill's Tactical Income Strategy but with ETF's that mirrored the sectors." With the Efficient Strategy successfully rolled out, Reilly spends time "adding value where I can on a daily basis. I'm comfortable advising on areas of risk management, trading and distribution .But I really enjoy digging into the operational side of things as well. As pragmatic and disciplined as this team is with respect to investment strategies, they are incredibly entrepreneurial in their own right. Everyone has a voice at Hilton and they're constantly looking for ways to improve upon process, communication, distribution… everything." As for what lights his fire these days, Reilly is sure of his response. "Helping the team expand its reach into the RIA [registered investment advisor] space. Without question. We have such a great story to tell and the RIA's are on the front lines. Arming them with strategies that mitigate risk and provide consistent return is like having a magic elixir. It's such a potent strategy and advisors are blown away by the performance and the level of service we provide. When you can add value like that to a partner's practice and help your team grow, it's beyond satisfying." When McCarthy finally joined his friend Bill about six years ago, the firm had established an impressive portfolio of private investors and had begun to work with several advisors and institutions. "I brought a few relationships to the table," McCarthy says modestly, "but I walked onto a winning team. Alex had really codified Hilton's message and I saw an opportunity to help bring it to market. These guys did a lot of the heavy lifting and we're all beneficiaries of their hard work." Even though this is Kevin's story, it's helpful to provide some context from his peers at this point… "Kevin's relationships are off the charts," says Hilton Capital President Craig O'Neill. "He's the RIA whisperer. I don't know anyone who advisors trust more than Kevin and these relationships have been absolutely critical to our growth and success." Everyone you speak with at Hilton echoes this sentiment. "I think the advisors, in particular, are drawn to Kevin because he's literally seen and done it all. Experience matters and he's such a straight shooter that every relationship is earned," says Andrew Molloy, Hilton Capital Relationship Manager. When presented with these remarks, McCarthy casually waves off the sentiments of his colleagues and steers the conversation back to his longtime friend Bill. "It's not that complicated. Really, it's not. Bill is one of the most disciplined investors you'll ever meet and he's built a culture of discipline that is durable and scalable. At this point in my career," he continues, "to be able to help advisors and institutions, manage some very close direct investment relationships and know that you have a team of professionals at the top of their game behind you is a dream." Knowing how to be a team player might be a strength in top tier firm like Hilton, but it's essential as a father of four. McCarthy credits his wife, Marybeth, and four children as the keys to his happiness. "Family is everything," he says. "These past fifteen years at Rafferty and Hilton were so pivotal. Not many people work with a firm as substantial as Hilton and enjoy a great quality of life. The fact that Hilton is based in Garden City on Long Island is surprising to some. But what a gift. I know how it feels to lose such valuable time in train stations and on the road and when you're trying to raise a family and be present it's a difficult balance." Seeing the change, watching them work through pain and get on their feet... " McCarthy trails off here and collects himself a moment later. "Like I said, I'm a lucky guy." Being battle-tested would prove to be more important as O'Neill moved into the next chapter of his career. Immediately after selling the firm, destiny would indeed intervene for O'Neill and the rest of the world. "When we started, no one was servicing the lower end of the market. There might have been 2,500 hedge funds when we formed the company, but by 2008 there were literally 12,000 registered hedge funds." It was during this period that O'Neill approached the Rafferty family to open the Prime Brokerage business under their broker dealer. The Rafferty's already had a substantial presence in the industry. One of the nascent holdings in their portfolio was a firm known as Hilton Capital. "Competition was outrageous. There was a feeding frenzy with everyone trying to grab a piece of the hedge fund explosion," says O'Neill. "We added layers to remain ahead of the curve, such as a traditional sell-side institutional desk." The business continued to grow even as margins tightened and O'Neill was poised to ride out the competitive storm. But the Rafferty's, as it turns out, had different plans for O'Neill. By the time the Rafferty's approached O'Neill about joining Hilton Capital, he had already forged a bond with Bill Garvey. "Larry Rafferty knew he had a winner on his hands with Bill," explained O'Neill. "They were looking to surround Bill with infrastructure and they thought my experience in building business lines would be a great complement. Hilton already had incredible relationships and Bill's approach to risk mitigation with a focus on return was rock solid and really winning people over. My job was to build on that trust and create operational room for Hilton to grow so Bill could focus on the core strategy." Just prior to O'Neill joining Hilton, the firm made another All-Star acquisition. Literally. Hall of Fame New York Islanders legend Clark Gillies joined Hilton and investment in Hilton's core strategy began to soar. "All of the pieces were coming together at a time there was still so much concern and mistrust in the markets. But probably the most important move in those early days was finding Alex." Alexander Oxenham who is now a partner and co-chief investment officer of Hilton Capital. Prior to Hilton he was a senior portfolio manager at HSBC Private Bank. "Alex was a tremendous addition for us because it allowed us to build some depth on our bench and demonstrate growth to our investors as well. From there it's all been about building scale and operational capacity to allow our investment team space and time to maneuver. Having built a mature infrastructure to allow Hilton to scale, O'Neill has since shifted his attention to the mechanisms of scale.

David Jennings

Job Titles:
  • Director
  • Member of the Sales & Marketing Team
  • Director, Institutional Sales
Mr. Jennings is a Director at Hilton who joined the firm in 2010 assuming a role in the sales / marketing / distribution and client service management functions of Hilton. He has enjoyed an extensive career in the investment management business, holding positions with Scudder Stevens and Clark, Bankers Trust Company (Co-Head Client Service), Citicorp Investment Management (Head of Sales and Marketing), Westwood Management (Partner), Newbolds Asset Management (President) and Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn (Vice Chairman). Mr. Jennings holds a B.S. from Rider University and attended Baruch University, CUNY. He is a former 20 year Trustee of The Professional Children's School in New York.

Deborah Ohl

Job Titles:
  • Vice President, Internal Sales and Marketing
Ms. Ohl joined Hilton Capital Management in 2017 assuming a role in Marketing and Client service. Prior to retiring in 2009, Ms. Ohl was an Equity Portfolio Manager at The Boston Company Asset Management. Prior to TBCAM Ms. Ohl worked at Ashland Management holding various positions in client service and then equity portfolio management. Ms. Ohl received a B.S. in Economics from St. Lawrence University.

Hannah Baade

Job Titles:
  • Equity Analyst
Hannah Baade joined Hilton Capital Management in 2021 and is responsible for the Hilton research efforts supporting the portfolio managers across all strategies. Baade works closely with Alex Oxenham and Tom Maher in analyzing and monitoring the Hilton coverage universe of names. She is also a member of the investment committee. Prior to joining Hilton Baade was an Equity Research Analyst at D.A. Davidson in Portland, OR. During her tenure there, she covered companies in security software, healthcare IT, and the semiconductor sectors as an associate and later as an analyst. Baade is a graduate of the University of Portland with a B.A. in Economics. Equity Analyst Hannah Baade joins the investment team providing research support across all strategies. Hilton launches an accelerated growth initiative with the hire of Suzanne Casey as Head of Distribution to lead the firm's expanding Sales and Distribution team.

Hugh Ansty

Job Titles:
  • Managing Director, Head of National Accounts
Hugh Ansty joined Hilton Capital Management, LLC in March 2022. As Head of National Accounts, he leads Hilton's initiative to develop, maintain, and deepen relationships with national firms. Prior to joining Hilton, Ansty was a Managing Director at BlackRock. Over his twenty plus year career he served in a variety of senior roles including Team Leader RIA, National Sales Manager Private Banking, and Head of America's High Net Worth. Before joining BlackRock Ansty held sales positions at Pioneer Investments and Evergreen Investments. Ansty is active in his community, volunteering for a variety of charity organizations. He is a former board member of the NY American Cancer Society Northeast Division and is an ongoing partner with the Financial Services Cares Gala. Ansty is a graduate of William & Mary, a CFA charterholder, and a Series 6,7, 24, 63, and 64 license holder. Hugh Ansty joins Hilton as Head of National Accounts, leading the firm's efforts to develop, maintain, and strengthen relationships with national firms.

Kate DeAngelo

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Support Team
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Vice President of Operations at Hilton Capital
  • VP, Operations
Ms. DeAngelo is Vice President of Operations at Hilton Capital Management, LLC. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. degree in Economics. Ms. DeAngelo started at Lebenthal & Co as a sales and trading assistant. She has completed a Management Program at Chemical Bank. Ms. DeAngelo was a Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Chase.

Katherine J. Cathcart

Job Titles:
  • Regional Director - AL, FL, LA
  • Regional Director - Southeast
Prior to joining Hilton Capital, Kathy was a Managing Director at Logan Capital Management's sales development for the southern U.S. region and Managing Director and Director of Consulting at Independent Portfolio Consultants, Inc. where she managed the Consultant Team. Kathy began her career in 1993 at A.F. Best Securities, Inc. and in 1997 became a municipal bond consultant. She worked as a Vice President of Investments for Gruntal & Co., Inc. and Advest Bank & Trust. She studied Economics at Florida Atlantic University and received the CIMA® designation bestowed by the Investment Management Consultants Association® for her study at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kevin McCarthy

Job Titles:
Mr. McCarthy joined Hilton Capital Management, LLC in June of 2012 and is involved in the Sales and Marketing functions for Hilton. Mr. McCarthy has had an extensive career within brokerage and the investment management businesses holding positions at GFI Group (VP, MD of Research Sales), Fleet Institutional Trading Services (VP, Senior Equity Trader), Ashland Management (VP, Equity Portfolio Manager) and M&M Securities Inc. (General Partner). Mr. McCarthy holds a B.B.A. from Pace University. We've covered a few sides of the table so far, but there was more to come that would round out McCarthy's resumé. "Quick & Reilly poached me to come to the sell side," he explains. "As it happens, there was a ton of M&A activity beginning around that time so Quick went to Fleet [Financial Group] then ultimately to Bank of America. The investing world was changing at breakneck speed and though I was enjoying the pace, I had a nagging urge to put my skill set to use somewhere stable, somewhere I could hang my hat for years." McCarthy ultimately found exactly that at Rafferty Capital Markets, which is the perfect segue to bring Hilton Capital founder Bill Garvey into our story. "I have known Bill most of my life," smiles McCarthy. "We came up together in Garden City, worked together at Ashland for a while and always kept close tabs on one another as friends more than anything." The pair wouldn't have to work hard to keep tabs on one another for long. On the other side of the Rafferty wall when Kevin was on the equity desk, Garvey was quietly building what would become Hilton Capital. "It was great to watch Bill assemble his team over the years. He had a vision that was unshakeable and year after year it just worked so people started paying attention. When Craig (O'Neill) came on then Alex (Oxenham) joined it was obvious that Hilton was going to soar." "I think the advisors, in particular, are drawn to Kevin because he's literally seen and done it all. Experience matters and he's such a straight shooter that every relationship is earned." Like so many Long Islanders, McCarthy finds refuge by heading east. Yet, here again, he distinguishes himself from others who flock to the South Fork to hobnob in the Hamptons in the summer. "I'm the outcast here," laughs McCarthy. "We're North Fork people all the way. Growing up my wife's family had a home in Mattituck so the North Fork truly became our happy place. I wouldn't trade our time and memories with our kids there for anything." For those who aren't familiar with the east end of Long Island, there are two forks. The Hamptons of the South Fork of the island are considered tony and fashionable, drawing the Manhattan crowd during the summer months. The North Fork on the other hand is the more rural, understated stretch of land dotted with farms, vineyards and charming towns ripped from a Norman Rockwell painting. "Working with advisors from around the country allows me to travel so I'm still out there grinding but it's different than the day-to-day grind of the city," explains McCarthy. "At Hilton I've found the ever-elusive balance that people yearn for. I'm close to home, able to spend time out east with my family, volunteer my time for a charity that really means a lot to me and work with my closest friends." At this, McCarthy knocks lightly on the expansive Hilton conference table. "I'm a pretty lucky guy." The charity he's referencing is called World Team Sports, a foundation that provides disabled veterans the opportunity to experience extraordinary events and activities. "The stories they [the veterans] tell are amazing. It's hard not to be taken over by their spirit. Honestly, it started as an obligation as a board member but now I look forward to it on a personal and emotional level. Seeing the change, watching them work through pain and get on their feet... " McCarthy trails off here and collects himself a moment later. "Like I said, I'm a lucky guy." Apple picking out east. Cycling with veterans from Arlington to Gettysburg. Traveling the country to meet with investment advisors. Buy side. Sell side. Analyst. Yes, Kevin McCarthy has occupied nearly every seat at the table. But perhaps it's more apropos to just say he's a man for all seasons.

Lance Friedler - Chief Legal Officer

Job Titles:
  • General Counsel
  • Member of the Support Team
  • General Counsel of Hilton Capital
Mr. Friedler is the General Counsel of Hilton Capital Management, LLC. Mr. Friedler has over 20 years of experience advising on regulatory and compliance matters for investment managers and broker-dealers. Mr. Friedler joined Hilton after 20 years of practicing law in several law firms and acting as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of a large hedge fund. Mr. Friedler has significant experience advising on the formation, structuring, management and operation of registered investment advisers and broker-dealers. Mr. Friedler regularly advised investment managers, broker-dealers, commodity pool operators and commodity trading advisors on registration and ongoing compliance issues with all applicable regulators. Mr. Friedler is also an expert in structuring and forming private investment funds of all types and strategies (including hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds), as well as separately managed accounts. Mr. Friedler received his Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Oneonta State College and his Juris Doctor degree, cum laude, from New York Law School. He is admitted to the State Bar of New York.

Nick Corsanico

Job Titles:
  • Regional Director - Mid Atlantic
Mr. Corsanico joined Hilton Capital Management, LCC in 2020 from Archer, where he led efforts in business development and built new relationships with large, global asset managers. Mr. Corsanico provides dedicated sales and marketing support to Hilton clients. Mr. Corsanico held prior roles at Envestnet and Lockwood Advisors and has an extensive background in TAMP, RIA and broker dealer channels. Mr. Corsanico earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Finance from Widener University in Chester, PA.Mr. Corsanico holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) designation and has more than 16 years of financial services experience.

Patrick Carroll

Job Titles:
  • Regional Director - Metro NY and NJ
Patrick Carroll joined Hilton Capital in April 2022. Prior to working at Hilton, Carroll was VP, Investment Consultant at John Hancock Investment Management, where he covered John Hancock Mutual Funds, ETFs, SMAs, and other products throughout Long Island and Northern New Jersey. Carroll's prior sales leadership positions include Investment Management Consultant at BlackRock Asset Management for Long Island, Connecticut, and Westchester County territories. He also served as VP, Sales Director at Legg Mason Asset Management for parts of New York and Connecticut. Carroll studied Business Administration/Management at Iona College and is a Series 7, 63, and 65 license holder.

Sean McDermott

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Support Team
  • Vice President, Trading
Prior to joining Hilton Capital,Mr. McDermott was a Managing Director and head of Evercore ISI Healthcare Trading. He has over 10 years of experience in sales and trading. Mr. McDermott graduated from Duke University with a degree in Political Science and Markets & Management. He has spent his career at ISI and Evercore ISI. He was a sales trader the first six years covering many dedicated healthcare hedge funds, then trading the healthcare pad the last 4 years.

Shari James - CFO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Member of the Support Team
  • Senior Controller for Hilton Capital
Ms. James is the Chief Financial Officer for Hilton Capital Management, LLC. She has held senior finance and accounting positions in both the public and private sectors. Ms. James most recently served as the Chief Deputy Comptroller of Nassau County. Her prior experience includes roles at JP Morgan Chase, City of Long Beach, Bloomberg L.P. and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Ms. James graduated from St. Johns University with a B.S. in Finance.

Suzanne Casey

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Sales & Marketing Team
  • Managing Director, Head of Sales and Distribution
Suzanne Casey joined Hilton Capital Management, LLC in October 2021. Casey has had a successful career spearheading sales and distribution efforts for some of Wall Street's most respected firms. Before joining Hilton, she led Vanguard's Financial Advisor Services sales efforts in the Northeast. Prior to Vanguard, Suzanne worked at J.P. Morgan Asset Management marketing mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and separately managed accounts. Before that, she was Director of Investments and Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch where she led a team of 20 wealth management and retirement specialists. She spent a large portion of her career at Goldman Sachs where her positions included various sales and leadership roles. Ms. Casey earned a B.A. from the University of Vermont and holds Series 6, 7, 24, 63, and 65 licenses.

Thomas B. Maher

Job Titles:
  • Lead Technology Analyst at Lynch & Mayer
Tom Maher joined Hilton Capital to launch the Small & Mid Cap Opportunities Strategy in 2019. Prior to joining the firm, he was the portfolio manager of the smid cap, small cap, and micro cap value equity strategies for Lord Abbett. Maher began his investment career in 1989 and worked at several high profile firms such as Lynch & Mayer, Inc., Centurion Investment Group, L.P., and Invesco where he developed an early expertise in technology research. Maher received a B.S. from Georgetown University and an MBA from New York University. Portfolio manager Tom Maher joins Hilton to launch the Small & Mid Cap Opportunities strategy to round out Hilton's equity offerings. "We look to participate in up markets and protect the downside in more challenging periods. The ability to critically assess business models is essential to success over a whole market cycle." Tom Maher came by his passion for investing honestly. "My father was on the sell side of Wall Street," he explains. "I started interning at Jennison Associates when I was 15 years old, working for the macroeconomist Cathie Wood. She also covered the newspaper and media industry, and I would help create models for her. Even though they had no formal training program, she really involved me in the process and gave me an invaluable experience. They poured me into everything, and I wound up spending three full summers with them. "From there," says Maher, "I was hooked." Maher recently left Lord Abbett to join the investment team at Hilton Capital to launch the Hilton Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Strategy. He's a quiet, unassuming figure whose demeanor belies his intensity when discussing investment strategies. "I'm happy to add value to the investment team," says Maher. "From day one, the conversations here have been extremely high level and sophisticated. And they've given me the space and freedom to dive into the research as we develop the new strategy." Maher brings depth and focus in equities to the Hilton investment team. A graduate of Georgetown, Maher followed his high school passion to Wall Street, starting at a French quantitative firm called Paribas Asset Management. "It was a great way to begin a career because I was in a small division where I touched everything from RFPs and models to executing trades," he shares. "I'm glad to have experienced the quant side, but I eventually gravitated more to fundamentals." Maher moved to Lynch & Mayer, working for the head of marketing. "It was a growth investment firm, and I figured I would transition from marketing to the investment side," he recalls. "Once again, I lucked out in the mentor department when a highly rated analyst named John Levinson joined the team. Even though I was still on the marketing end and had just started my MBA at night at NYU, I started doing a few projects for John. After a while, they gave me a shot to work more closely with him, and that was really the beginning of my transition." Maher became the lead technology analyst at Lynch & Mayer shortly before the "dot-com bubble," which he credits as one of his "greatest learning experiences." "I learned a great deal about investment strategies there, and a lot about myself and my own preferences," he explains. "Understanding business models and differentiators, really being able to dissect a company's profit, I gained so much in my time there." Lynch & Mayer was eventually folded into Delaware Management, but Maher was already making a name as a tech analyst, and was quickly scooped up by Centurion Investment Group, headed by Rob Raiff. "At Centurion I was in tech, telecom and media," he says. "After that I moved to Invesco and covered semiconductors and software. By the time Lord Abbett came after me, I was a full-blown sector analyst." In 2003 Maher joined the mid cap growth team under Kevin Ferguson at Lord Abbett, where he began to broaden his range from tech and analyze several sectors. "Being a generalist prepared you for being a portfolio manager," he says. "You really begin to develop philosophies of your own; taking bits and pieces from each sector, successes, failures, mentors-everything-and codifying them into a worldview that is hopefully fundamentally sound, but flexible enough to continue learning." In 2006, Maher was asked to be a dedicated analyst for Lord Abbett's new mid cap fund. By the following year, he and Justin Maurer were tapped to co-head the strategy. "It was an arranged marriage that really worked," he laughs.

Timothy Reilly - President

Job Titles:
  • President
Tim Reilly joined Hilton Capital in 2017. In addition to his work as a portfolio manager, Reilly focuses on a range of strategic business and risk management initiatives. Prior to joining Hilton Capital, Reilly was a Managing Director at Bank of America, where he oversaw the Global Convertible Sales and Trading business and later, led U.S. Research Sales. Prior to his tenure at Bank of America, Reilly was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, where he managed their U.S. Convertible Trading business. Reilly graduated from Harvard University with a B.S. in Economics. Timothy Reilly joins Hilton as President, primarily focusing on strategic business and risk management initiatives. Reilly also launches Hilton's ETF-focused Efficient Tactical Income vehicle. Reilly joined Alex. Brown & Sons in Baltimore right out of college as a financial analyst. A short time after he entered the associate program at Smith Barney where he eventually wound up on the convertible bond desk. It was a critical decision that led to an extraordinary career that wove through the most hallowed halls of finance. "I went to Goldman [Sachs] in ‘99 and became a managing director and appeared to be on the partnership track," says Reilly. "It was an exciting time because I was running the U.S. convertible bond trading desk, producing solid results and working with some extremely talented professionals. Goldman was so well-run it was just a great learning experience. While things were going very well at Goldman, I received an opportunity to join Merrill Lynch in 2005 and felt it was the right time for a new challenge. I was asked to run their global convertible sales and trading desk and it was just the right fit for me at the time." In the merger mania that ensued, Merrill was eventually swallowed up by Bank of America where Reilly continued for nearly a decade. "It was a dynamic job and that allowed me to mature as a manager and leader in the organization. Eventually I transitioned out of convertibles to run research sales for the U.S." By 2015, Reilly was ready to move on from the institutional world of finance. "I had a storybook run. There's no two ways about it. People ask me if I was burned out but quite honestly I truly wasn't. Sometimes I look back and marvel at how fortunate I have been. Whether it was attending such a premier academic institution, playing the sport I love competitively, or working at the most prestigious institutions in finance, I always had the good fortune of studying, playing or working alongside some of the most talented people in the world. I carry a piece of each experience and each teammate with me every day." For Reilly, deciding to retire at a rather young age wasn't about leaving something behind. It was about opening new doors and charting new courses. What even he couldn't imagine was just how different the paths would be.

William Garvey - Founder

Job Titles:
  • Founder
  • Founder & Co - Chief Investment Officer
  • Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Hilton Capital
  • Veteran Fixed Income Manager
Prior to founding Hilton Capital, Bill Garvey spent 30 years with some of Wall Street's leading firms in the commodities and fixed income markets. It was during this period that Garvey developed his unique approach to building wealth by coordinating risk management with opportunistic income generation. It was to become the guiding principle for Hilton's investment philosophy. Garvey's earlier experience included establishing a fixed income investment advisory business at Ashland Management, where he served as Head of Portfolio Management. Garvey was also affiliated with Lehman Brothers, Bache and Co., Dean Witter, and was a founding partner of William J. Garvey and Co., a member firm of the COMEX. Mr. Garvey earned a B.S. from Fairfield University. Veteran fixed income manager Bill Garvey and colleague Larry Rafferty launch Hilton Capital Management with its flagship strategy, Tactical Income (TI). The strategy was designed to appeal to the equity investor who wanted more protection and the fixed income investor who wanted a little more return. The Humpty Dumpty metaphor illustrates a larger concern in the investor community that Hilton's success was inexorably tied to Garvey. "We knew it was time to build a proper infrastructure because our assets had essentially doubled in a short period of time. Craig [O'Neill] was running a prime brokerage at the time and we knew he would be a great fit for us; so Larry and I recruited Craig to build out the administrative end of the business and really increase trading capacity."