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The U.S. energy industry is evolving rapidly, with higher stakes and more opportunity than ever before. Every day, energy companies are confronting new regulatory challenges, intellectual property issues and expanding possibilities for midstream and downstream growth. It's no longer hyperbole - the future of energy is now. And as we have been for decades, Buchanan is here to guide companies through the traditional challenges, the cutting-edge opportunities, and everything in between... Our corporate services include multiple areas of focus, such as mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, executive compensation, private equity and venture capital, emerging companies, securities and SEC, and technology transactions. Because we offer such a comprehensive range of services, and because our attorneys become immersed in our clients' culture and thoroughly knowledgeable of their business objectives, clients come to see us as long-term partners. This type of relationship and the..
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A. Sheila Oretsky, Alan M. Seltzer, Alexis A. Langella, Alexis Aloi Graziano, Amy L. Barrette, Amy Miller, Andrew J. Giorgione, Andrew J. Shapren, Anthony (T.J.) F. Andrisano, B. Lynn Freeman, Barbara A. Binzak Blumenfeld, Bassam N. Ibrahim, Brian H. Simmons, Brian Rath, Brian S. North, Brian S. Novosel, Bruce I. Booken, Bryan H. Opalko, Bryce J. Maynard, Carl F. Staiger, Carrie Kochenbach, Cathy J. Beveridge, Charlene A. Barker, Charles F. Wieland, III, Christian Antkowiak, Christine J. Alden, Christopher J. Dalton, Christopher P. Schueller, Christopher R. Thorn, Craig D. Mills, Craig G. Cochenour, Dale S. Webber, Daniel C. Garfinkel, Daniel Z. Rivlin, David A. Gurwin, David A. Monaghan, David E. Gould, David L. Gordon, Dilip Patel, Donald B. Reynolds, Donald E. Malecki, Douglas P. Coopersmith, Duane A. Stewart, III, Edward John Allera, Elizabeth Carrott Minnigh, Eric D. Heicklen, Erin J. McLaughlin, Fang Liu, Geoffrey F. Sasso, Geoffrey G. Grivner, George M. Karavetsos, Gerald E. Burns, Gina M. Polo, Gretchen L. Jankowski, H. Marc Tepper, Hala A. Sandridge, Ivan D. Smith, Jack J. Kessler, Jaime S. Tuite, James A. LaBarre, James D. Newell, James O'Toole Jr., Jan L. Budman, II, Jan O. Wenzel, Jason E. Murtagh, Jason P. Bologna, Jason R. Parish, Jayson R. Wolfgang, Jennifer Olmedo-Rodriguez, Jennifer R. Minter, Jesse H. Diner, Jill M. Lashay, John D. Emmanuel, John E. McGrady, III, John F. Povilaitis, John P. Cunningham, John R. Washlick, Jonathan D. Janow, Jordan M. Webster, Joseph J. Centeno, Joshua S.M. Smith, Kathleen Jones Goldman, Kathryn A. Kronquist, Kelly H. Kolb, Kelly M. Neal, Kenneth R. Luttinger, Kimberly Arouh, Kirk M. Nuzum, Leslie Wager Hudock, Linda Pissott Reig, Lisa M. Starczewski, Lloyd Smith, Lorin E. Patterson, Louis M. DeStefano, Lynn J. Alstadt, Mackenzie A. Baird, Margaret E. Villella, Mark A. Kornfeld, Mark Pfeiffer, Mark S. Auerbacher, Mary Ann Dunham, Matthew F. Burger, Matthew L. Fedowitz, Matthew L. Schneider, Matthew T. Corso, Megan E. Thompson, Michael Britton, Michael D. Hall, Michael E. Truncellito, Michael L. Dever, Michael W. Bootier, Michelle Garvey, Miranda L. Soto, Mitchell I. Horowitz, Pamela E. Hepp, Patrick C. Keane, Paul S. Mazeski, Perry S. Patterson, Peter S. Russ, Peter T. deVore, Philip J. Weis, Philip M. Hanaka, Rajiv Khanna, Ralph G. Fischer, Raquel (Rocky) A. Rodriguez, Rhonda A. Miller, Richard A. Jacobson, Richard DiStefano, Robert A. Jones, II, Robert B. Ramsey, III, Robert D. Finkel, Robert L. Burns, Robert L. Shuster, Robert V. Glentzer, Roger H. Lee, Ronald D. Abramson, Ronald H. Noble, Rosemary L. Corsetti, Salvatore G. Rotella, Samantha L. Southall, Sean M. Girdwood, Sean W. Moran, Shawn B. Cage, Shawn N. Gallagher, Stanley J. Parker, Stanley Yorsz, Stephanie Winer Schreiber, Steven C. Pratico, Steven W. Smith, Stuart P. Slotnick, Sue C. Friedberg, Susan M. Hartman, Terry A. Shulsky, Thomas G. Collins, Timothy P. Palmer, Todd R. Walters, Travis D. Boone, Victoria Bechtold Kush, William A. Garvin, William C. Basil, William C. Rowland, William J. Moorhead





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