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2241 York Road West York, NY 14592
Established in the 1817 by John and Esther Donnan in the town of Retsof, New York, Donnan Farms has remained a family farm for 7 generations. After 65 years in Retsof, the family of George A. Donnan moved the farm to its present location in York, New York in 1882. In 1976, Donnan Farms was incorporated in the Town of York, New York, by principal owners Stewart and Ruth Donnan and their sons Bruce and G. Ernest. Having improved its production techniques over the years, the farm has grown from 60 cows and 400 acres in the 1950's, to 3,000 cows and 3,500 acres in the early 2000's... Our goal is to produce top quality milk, providing a clean, comfortable environment for our cows. Our team at Donnan Farms works every day to be efficient in an environmentally sustainable way. Our goal is to be good stewards of the environment... As a 7th generation, family-owned and operated dairy farm in York, New York, Donnan Farms Inc. has a long standing reputation as a conscientious business, who is..
Also known as: Donnan Farms, Inc.
Primary location: West York United States
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