515 MOTORSPORT - Key Persons

Cameron Case

Cameron Case started playing with cars when he bought his first truck at age 14 and he hasn't stopped yet. After graduating from college with a major in construction management, he helped a friend open an automotive fabrication shop in 2014. Cameron has always had a passion rally and that's how he met Paul and Justin. In January of 2018, Cameron joined 515 Motorsport and immediately became huge asset to the shop and the rally team.

Greg Wist

Job Titles:
  • Automotive Technician
Automotive Technician Greg Wist's love of cars began when he was little and fascinated by almost anything with an engine. His interest in working on mechanical things was momentarily squelched by a desk job but his cubicle always contained two things; a toy BMW car and a BMW mouse. Making the leap to the automotive industry, he began as a lube tech at Goodyear and quickly worked his way up to a general maintenance technician. Greg joined the 515 team in January 2018 and enjoys the fun he has been having with the team, while constantly learning new skills. Even better, Greg says 515 customers are the best because as the 515 guys continually strive to make them happy, the customers always show their kind appreciation in many ways. When not at work, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, going to the pool in summer, watching movies and trying new restaurants. Greg has one son who has inherited the automotive gene and can identify just about any car he sees. He also claims his fat, asshole of a cat named Bob, who attacks Greg on a regular basis. Greg's favorite car to work on is the E46 M3, and both the E46 and E90 3 series generations are his wheelhouse and where he contains the most expertise.

Justin Mason

Job Titles:
  • Owner
Justin Mason is the owner of 515 Motorsport in Liberty, Missouri, where he and his team take car performance to the next level through welding, fabrication, and all things mechanical. Justin has had a love for racing and pushing the limits of anything with four wheels since he was a kid on powerwheels. He finally found a constructive outlet for his passion for racing in stage rally, competing in his first event in 2016 in the car he built from the cage up, and more recently racing sportscars in the WRL.