NUA OFFICE - Key Persons

Eberhard von Huene - CEO

Job Titles:
  • CEO
He came with a dream and passion. Eberhard immigrated from Germany to Montreal, Canada, in December 1965 and began his pursuit of business entrepreneurship at an early age - working at Allsteel Canada during his high school and college years. A lot of hard work went into Eberhard's journey from the early days at Allsteel to the Founder of NUA Office (NUA) in 2015. Eberhard understands the importance of learning the ins and outs of a business and how each step you take helps you grow and prepare for the next adventure. Based in Vaudreuil, Quebec, NUA is a Canadian multi-location office furniture dealership with showrooms in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. NUA successfully markets and sells HNI (which includes Allsteel, Hon, Gunlocke and HBF) products throughout Canada. Eberhard founded his first company in 1971, OSC Partitions Ltd. acquiring the assets of Allsteel's wall division. Through his technical and product design skills, OSC Partitions Ltd. quickly became the largest movable wall manufacturer in Canada. Eberhard sold majority ownership to Knoll International in late 1984 and was appointed President of Knoll Canada. In May 1987, he left Knoll to start his next venture. Around that time, he founded Eberhard von Huene & Associates Inc.(EVH & Associates), a product development and management consulting company. He licensed his first product, SystemsWall, in 1988 and his second product, Genius, in 2002 to Krueger International in Wisconsin. In 2011, Eberhard licensed his third product, Beyond, to Allsteel (HNI) in Iowa. During these years, he was instrumental in setting up the manufacturing plant and marketing and sales efforts.

Josée Gagnon - CFO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • EVH & Associates Inc in 1997 As a Controller
As the Chief Financial Officer of NUA Office, Josée is responsible for all the company's financial functions, corporate compliance, and treasury. She also oversees the accounting functions, human resources and works closely with our IT department on a business operations level. Josée began her career by launching her own accounting business, working with a number of local entrepreneurs and accounting firms. This valuable experience gave her the knowledge she needed to excel her skills in various industries and gave her the confidence in her abilities to begin offering training and personalized accounting coaching. Josée is incredibly proud of how she helped those companies with their start-ups, growth initiatives, acquisitions, and expansions. Josée joined EVH & Associates Inc in 1997 as a Controller. Given her depth of knowledge, understanding of accounting practices and hard work ethic, she was promoted to the role of Chief Financial Officer in 2010 - her involvement and expertise at every level of the business have been instrumental to our growth and success over the years.