Australian Office Furniture Systems is a specialist supplier of office furniture solutions in Melbourne for corporate, education and health sectors... Founded with the sole mission of providing office fit outs in Melbourne which deploy appropriate furniture for the new wave of dynamic learning, AOFS is your premier commercial furniture solutions company. With many other furniture solutions services importing furniture from overseas and selling at exorbitant prices, AOFS strikes the balance between high-quality furniture solutions that are light on the wallet too. Co-owned by Laurence Earl and Jaden Crick, AOFS brings expertise across the entire spectrum of office furniture solutions. Laurence, with a background as an electrician, brings a reliable, logic-based approach to determining and managing customer needs. Jaden's first gig was as a project/logistics coordinator for a national furniture distributor. Despite his youthful appearance, he has accumulated a lifetime of experience in..
Also known as: Australian Office Furniture Systems, Australian Office Furniture Systems Pty Ltd
Registration numbers: 84 602 317 368 (W)
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