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600 California Street, 11th floor, San Francisco CA 94108
To reach clients in this over-saturated digital world you need strategic omni-channel outreach. KardZee provides real solutions to get noticed, seen and heard using our Automated Engagement Platform. We cut through the overcrowded space to save time, effort and money and drive ongoing retention and referral sales. Whether it is single cards multiplied many times or large volume automated client campaigns, we provide real tangible solutions supported by digital and social outreach inherent in each card... We are a group of fun loving professionals with extensive experience in advertising, video, marketing, social outreach and engineering. We are motivated by our passion for tangible media and traditional values. Whether our clients are major businesses or consumers at KardZee we help them 'Show the Love.'
Also known as: KardZee Inc
Primary location: San Francisco United States
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