Abby Jackson

Job Titles:
  • Sales Manager
Being part of a family of nurses, I knew right away where I wanted to spend my life's passion. I have been a nurse for 17 years in various roles throughout my experience. Senior Living has always been a passion of mine and I feel that caring for our elders and giving back to our community makes me feel whole. Every day we make an enormous difference in creating a safe, home-like, generous, and loving space for senior living. Everyday I get to come to work and witness how we at The Canton Regency assist our residents with retaining a purpose of life, energy and love. When I am not working, I spend my time with my family. My partner Jeff, my two girls Kendyl and Ragyn and our furry kids Charlie, Fynn and Stanley.

Airianna Culler

Job Titles:
  • Health Coordinator
  • Lifestyle and Health Coordinator ( Aegis Therapies )

Ashleigh Abrigg

Job Titles:
  • Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing Director
Ashleigh Abrigg is our Sales & Marketing Director. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kent State University focusing on Sociology and Geriatrics. Ashleigh has been in the healthcare field for several years and has held various roles that have led her here to the Canton Regency and her continued love for the senior population. She is passionate about assisting families during the transition to senior living and she does it with appreciation, empathy and a positive outlook! When Ashleigh is not at the Canton Regency , she enjoys her time bicycling, traveling and spending time with her significant other Chris and their 5 children.

David Crim

Job Titles:
  • Environmental Services Director
I have been in the maintenance/service industry for most of my career. I had the pleasure of working for the Canton Regency in the maintenance department before and now I have come back to be the new director of maintenance. I take great care in making the residents feel that we are doing everything we can to make sure this isn't just a building but their home.

Denise Burdette

Denise has been at Canton Regency since 2019 and has had a devoted career in long term care and dementia care for over 34 years. Denise believes that it is a privilege to work at Canton Regency and help enrich the lives of people residing in our community. Denise works on memory care with the exclusive memory care program (aspen). Denise is striving to make it the best possible experience for you or your loved one. WELCOME HOME.

Kristen Gasper

Job Titles:
  • Business Director
I've been with Canton Regency for 17 years now! I really enjoyed the fact that everyone feels like family here and all of the staff would pitch in without being asked to get the job done. I oversee our accounting functions and make sure that everything is done timely and accurately. I also make sure that our team members who care for our residents are paid timely and accurately.

Lisa Mansour

Job Titles:
  • Executive Director
Lisa Mansour is the Executive Director at Canton Regency. She is a mother of two daughters and has served as a Big Sister to a little girl and her family for over five years. She has a passion for caring and nurturing others. She is an experienced and passionate Senior Living professional within Northeast Ohio and has held various leadership positions in senior living for over 25 years. She has a strong commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors, by delivering quality services, innovative programs, and most importantly, meaningful connections and relationships. She earned both her Bachelors' degree in Long Term Care Administration and a Master's Degree in Business Administration locally.

Melissa Carpenter

Job Titles:
  • Housekeeping & Laundry Director
I handle any and all laundry and housekeeping functions here at Canton Regency. This is one of the biggest and most crucial departments at Canton Regency and I have 22 years of management experience. I have had the pleasure of working at Canton Regency for 11 years and hopefully this speaks volumes about how much I love the team and our residents! We are in the service business and it is my job to work with our residents and family members on any issues or concerns they have. I have been known to spread random acts of kindness throughout the building, like handwritten notes under doors and birdfeeders outside their windows.

Michelle Baker

Job Titles:
  • Physical Therapist & Therapy Coordinator
I have been at Canton Regency for 4 months but have devoted my whole career of 26 years to working with seniors. I have a degree in Physical Therapy and a BSBA degree in Marketing from the University of Akron. The diversity of residents at Canton Regency is what makes my job so rewarding. This could be anything from helping a resident build tolerance by walking for 20 plus minutes, to helping another resident learn how to stand and walk

Stephenie Chandler

Job Titles:
  • Community Relations Coordinator
I graduated from Colorado Technical University in 2012 with an MBA in Business Administration. I have been at Canton Regency for 11 years and before that I spent 3 years working at a skilled nursing facility and 18 years at a hospital. I love getting to know each of our residents and learning more about their life experiences. They know I am always there to help, whether it's figuring a cell phone issue to answering questions about services we can provide. It brings me joy to go above and beyond providing excellent customer service for our residents and families. I've heard some amazing stories in my many years with the Regency!

Tia Conrad

Job Titles:
  • Wellness Coordinator
I have been a nurse for 16 years and in the healthcare industry for 18 years. I've held various roles in different facilities/communities which all have led to my experience and passion that I have today to do my job. What I love most about my job is having the opportunity to help and comfort people in their most vulnerable stage of life. When I'm not taking care of residents or helping staff, I enjoy shopping, vacationing and spending time with my family, my husband Josh, my 2 step sons and our 3 dogs.

Wanda Marshall

Job Titles:
  • Receptionist
I've been at the Canton Regency for 27 years and I've worked in many capacities, including receptionist, sales, and marketing. I'm usually the very first person you will see when you come to Canton Regency and my goal is always to provide a warm and inviting feel for any new resident or guest. I'm responsible for helping make Canton Regency festive for all holidays and events. This includes new resident dinners, honoring our veterans, and decorating for the holidays. I absolutely love talking to our residents! When they come up to me with questions they think I'm helping them but they are helping me too!