WIT-IT - Key Persons

Poppo Wit

A too long while ago Wit studied physics at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, graduating on magnetic bearings. Wit started at shipyard CentraalStaal in Groningen, researching laser cutters and making a 3D view simulation of steel plates. After one year he started programming measuring machines at Materia Technica, a university research group focusing on biomaterials. There he later worked on his thesis: " Computer aided research in microbial and particle adhesion ", learning about biophysical process modeling and neural networks. Soon after his PhD, Poppo moved to Amsterdam, to work for computer vision startup Eagle Vision B.V. where he helped to build label inspection machines and glass-particle inspection units for Heineken beer bottles. He started on a person counting tool but was offered a position at Aweta B.V. before its completion.