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Throughout our history, we've been able to handle the worst events by sharing information, helping each other and sticking together. We are sharing with God fearing US Veterans first... Pass the test proving you are of a US Veteran or are a US Veteran or in rare cases at our discretion, a First Responder or Health Care Professional at high risk, agree to our terms via DOCUSIGN and then you may enter the portal to learn about our solution. As we remain in Stealth Mode and because we are filing patents and have both proprietary (trade secrets) and patent-able technologies, this will be your only way to gain access. Do NOT call our office with questions unless it's an EMERGENCY. Our team is trained NOT to respond to any questions and only direct you to our website and our policies on this site. If you have any concerns with our site or ID... We of, by and for US Veterans and we are working on sharing hidden secrets that might just help us all work together to #KILLTHEVIRUS.
Also known as: Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc.
Primary location: Washington
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