BIOMINDS - Key Persons

Aleksandra Bala

A specialist in clinical psychology, neuropsychologist. For a several years she has been working at the Department of Neurosurgery, Medical University of Warsaw.

Elżbieta Włodarska - VP

Job Titles:
  • Vice President

Katarzyna Zaraś

Graduate of the Academy of Special Education and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, a neurologopedist with 11 years of experience in working with adults after CNS injuries. She deals with the diagnosis and therapy of patients with aphasia, speech and voice disorders and swallowing, including people with a tracheostomy tube and in the state of minimal consciousness. She conducted lectures and exercises for students of Warsaw universities (APS, SWPR) as well as specialized training for neurologopedists. For 8 years professionally associated with the Neurological Rehabilitation Hospital of the Konstancin-Zdrój Health Resort. with the PrimoPsyche clinic and the Avalon Foundation. Currently an employee of Centrum Origin Otwock.

Lukasz Makowski

Job Titles:
  • Experts

Mateusz Kierepka - CEO

Job Titles:
  • CEO
  • Graphics / Graphics Designer
A expert with 20 years' experience international level in the IT industry. Creator of the most important Polish start-ups such as MedApp. Mentor, advisor, president in start-ups. It has been included in the list of "50 most influential people in the Polish start-up industry", which was developed by editors naTemat and InnPoland.

Swedish Biopromic - Founder, President

Job Titles:
  • Co - Founder
  • Immunologist
  • President
Immunologist, president, and co-founder Swedish Biopromic and BioMinds Healthcare Sweden. In Biopromic works by the Global Good Found - which is facing Bill Gates. Doctorate in immunology of infectious diseases at the Karolinska Instituted.