In addition to the above mentioned, Longbow Ltd is Malta's main supplier of spill response consumables and equipment, being the representative for Vikoma international and Lubetech - and thus an integral player in the fight against marine oil spills... Longbow Ltd. is a fourth generation company. It has diverted business since 1938 where it used to operate under a different name. Market changes and trends were given due importance and internal changes to our products and modus operandi have changed to suit the times. Longbow sells the vastest range of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering supplies in Malta, all under one roof, all on one catalogue... At Longbow Ltd, environment is cradle to grave where is feasibly possible, and at times, even when not. We thrive and keep our eyes open for new green technologies to try and implement internally, but at times we fear that our lust to have a totally green operation is faster than the rate feasible environmentally friendly technologies become..
Also known as: Longbow Ltd, Longbow Malta
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