PEEL - History of Changes

2022-09-27 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2022-09-27 insert person Jerry Lynch
2022-09-27 insert person Steve Jones
2022-08-09 delete person Hope Pollard
2022-08-09 delete person Steve Jones
2022-06-22 delete person Graeme Bridge
2022-06-06 insert person Steve Jones
2022-05-22 delete person Paul Maddison
2022-05-22 delete source_ip
2022-05-22 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2022-05-22 insert source_ip
2022-04-04 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2022-04-04 insert person Sophie Mahon
2022-03-20 delete person Jerry Lynch
2022-03-20 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2022-02-05 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2022-02-05 insert person Hope Pollard
2022-02-05 insert person Jerry Lynch
2021-12-01 delete person Archie Graham
2021-12-01 delete person Hope Pollard
2021-12-01 insert person Graeme Bridge
2021-12-01 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2021-09-22 insert person Archie Graham
2021-09-06 delete person Archie Graham
2021-09-06 delete person Jerry Lynch
2021-09-06 insert person Hope Pollard
2021-09-06 insert person Sophie Mahon
2021-08-21 delete person Sophie Mahon
2021-08-21 insert person Mike Flannery
2021-08-04 delete person Mike Flannery
2021-08-04 delete person Steve Jones
2021-08-04 insert person Archie Graham
2021-07-20 insert person Jerry Lynch
2021-07-03 delete person Paul Maddison
2021-07-03 insert person Graeme Bridge
2021-06-18 delete person Archie Graham
2021-06-18 delete person Graeme Bridge
2021-06-18 delete person Jerry Lynch
2021-06-18 delete person Sophie Mahon
2021-06-18 insert person Hope Pollard
2021-06-18 insert person Mike Flannery
2021-06-18 insert person Paul Maddison
2021-06-02 delete person Mike Flannery
2021-06-02 delete person Paul Maddison
2021-06-02 insert person Jerry Lynch
2021-05-12 delete person Hope Pollard
2021-05-12 delete person Jerry Lynch
2021-05-12 delete person Steve Jones
2021-05-12 insert person Graeme Bridge
2021-04-20 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2021-04-20 insert person Mike Flannery
2021-03-30 delete person Graeme Bridge
2021-03-30 insert person Jerry Lynch
2021-02-12 delete person Hope Pollard
2021-02-12 delete person Jerry Lynch
2021-02-12 insert person Graeme Bridge
2021-02-12 insert person Paul Maddison
2021-01-28 delete address intu Trafford Centre, Trafford City, Manchester, M17 8PL
2021-01-28 delete person Archie Graham
2021-01-28 delete person Neil Lees
2021-01-28 insert address Venus Building, 1 Old Park Lane, TraffordCity, Manchester M41 7HA
2021-01-28 update primary_contact intu Trafford Centre, Trafford City, Manchester, M17 8PL => Venus Building, 1 Old Park Lane, TraffordCity, Manchester M41 7HA
2020-10-15 delete person Steve Jones
2020-10-15 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-10-10 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-10-10 insert person Archie Graham
2020-10-10 insert person Hope Pollard
2020-10-10 insert person Steve Jones
2020-10-04 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-10-04 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-09-15 delete person Archie Graham
2020-09-15 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-09-15 insert person Mike Flannery
2020-08-09 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-08-04 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-08-04 delete person Steve Jones
2020-07-30 insert person Hope Pollard
2020-07-25 delete person Graeme Bridge
2020-07-25 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-07-25 insert person Archie Graham
2020-07-25 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-07-18 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-07-18 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-07-18 insert person Graeme Bridge
2020-07-18 insert person Mike Flannery
2020-07-18 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-07-13 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-07-13 insert person Jerry Lynch
2020-07-13 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-07-06 delete person Jerry Lynch
2020-07-06 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-07-06 insert person Hope Pollard
2020-07-06 insert person Sophie Mahon
2020-07-06 insert person Steve Jones
2020-07-01 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-07-01 delete person Steve Jones
2020-06-25 insert person Steve Jones
2020-06-20 delete person Sophie Mahon
2020-06-20 delete person Steve Jones
2020-06-20 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-06-20 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-06-14 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-06-14 insert person Sophie Mahon
2020-06-14 insert person Steve Jones
2020-06-09 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-06-09 delete person Steve Jones
2020-06-09 insert person Archie Graham
2020-06-04 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-06-04 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-05-30 delete person Graeme Bridge
2020-05-25 insert person Hope Pollard
2020-05-25 insert person Jerry Lynch
2020-05-19 delete person Jerry Lynch
2020-05-19 delete person Sophie Mahon
2020-05-19 delete person Steve Jones
2020-05-19 insert person Archie Graham
2020-05-19 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-05-14 delete person Archie Graham
2020-05-14 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-05-14 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-05-14 insert person Jerry Lynch
2020-05-14 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-05-09 delete person Jerry Lynch
2020-05-09 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-05-09 insert person Archie Graham
2020-05-09 insert person Graeme Bridge
2020-05-09 insert person Mike Flannery
2020-05-09 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-05-04 delete person Graeme Bridge
2020-05-04 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-05-04 insert person Jerry Lynch
2020-04-28 delete person Jerry Lynch
2020-04-28 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-04-28 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-04-28 insert person Steve Jones
2020-04-23 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-04-23 insert person Graeme Bridge
2020-04-23 insert person Jerry Lynch
2020-04-18 delete person Archie Graham
2020-04-18 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-04-12 delete person Steve Jones
2020-04-12 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-04-12 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-04-07 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-04-07 insert person Archie Graham
2020-04-07 insert person Steve Jones
2020-04-02 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-03-28 delete person Archie Graham
2020-03-28 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-03-28 delete person Sophie Mahon
2020-03-28 insert person Mike Flannery
2020-03-28 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-03-22 delete person Jerry Lynch
2020-03-22 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-03-22 insert person Hope Pollard
2020-03-22 insert person Sophie Mahon
2020-03-17 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-03-17 insert person Archie Graham
2020-03-17 insert person Jerry Lynch
2020-03-11 delete person Archie Graham
2020-03-11 insert person Hope Pollard
2020-03-11 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-03-06 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-03-06 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-03-06 insert person Graeme Bridge
2020-02-25 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-02-25 insert person Sophie Mahon
2020-02-20 delete person Archie Graham
2020-02-20 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-02-20 delete person Sophie Mahon
2020-02-13 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-02-13 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-02-13 insert person Sophie Mahon
2020-02-08 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-02-08 delete person Sophie Mahon
2020-02-02 delete person Jerry Lynch
2020-02-02 insert person Mike Flannery
2020-02-02 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-02-02 insert person Steve Jones
2020-01-27 delete managingdirector Stephen Wild
2020-01-27 insert chairman Robert Hough
2020-01-27 insert otherexecutives Stephen Wild
2020-01-27 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-01-27 insert person Hope Pollard
2020-01-27 insert person Ruth Woodhead
2020-01-27 update person_title James Whittaker: Development Director => Executive Director
2020-01-27 update person_title John Peter Whittaker: Group Corporate Development; Executive Chairman of the Peel Group Supervisory Board => Executive Director / Corporate Development; Executive Chairman of the Peel Group Supervisory Board
2020-01-27 update person_title Mark Whittaker: Property Director => Executive Director
2020-01-27 update person_title Robert Hough: Non Executive & Chairman => Chairman
2020-01-27 update person_title Stephen Wild: Managing Director => Executive Director
2020-01-27 update person_title Tom Allison: Member of the Peel Group Supervisory Board; Non Executive & Chairman => Chairman of the Peel Group Supervisory Board
2020-01-20 delete person Hope Pollard
2020-01-20 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-01-20 insert person Graeme Bridge
2020-01-20 insert person Paul Maddison
2020-01-20 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2020-01-14 delete chieflegalofficer Peter Hosker
2020-01-14 delete coo David Glover
2020-01-14 delete otherexecutives Louise Morrissey
2020-01-14 delete otherexecutives Peter Nears
2020-01-14 delete person David Glover
2020-01-14 delete person Graeme Bridge
2020-01-14 delete person Hani Lazkani
2020-01-14 delete person Louise Morrissey
2020-01-14 delete person Paul Maddison
2020-01-14 delete person Peter Hosker
2020-01-14 delete person Peter Nears
2020-01-14 insert person Steve Jones
2020-01-07 delete person Jerry Lynch
2020-01-07 insert person Mike Flannery
2020-01-07 insert person Sophie Mahon
2020-01-01 delete person Mike Flannery
2020-01-01 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2020-01-01 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-12-27 delete person Archie Graham
2019-12-27 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-12-27 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-12-21 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-12-21 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-12-21 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-12-16 delete person Paul Maddison
2019-12-16 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-12-11 delete person Jerry Lynch
2019-12-11 delete person Steve Jones
2019-12-11 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-12-11 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-12-05 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-12-05 insert person Archie Graham
2019-12-05 insert person Jerry Lynch
2019-11-30 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-11-25 delete person Jerry Lynch
2019-11-25 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-11-25 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-11-25 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-11-20 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-11-20 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-11-14 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-11-09 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-11-04 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-10-29 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-10-29 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-10-29 delete person Jerry Lynch
2019-10-29 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-10-29 insert person Archie Graham
2019-10-24 insert person Jerry Lynch
2019-10-24 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-10-19 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-10-19 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-10-13 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-10-13 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-10-08 delete person Steve Jones
2019-10-03 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-10-03 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-09-28 delete person Archie Graham
2019-09-28 delete person Jerry Lynch
2019-09-28 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-09-28 insert person Graeme Bridge
2019-09-28 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-09-23 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-09-23 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-09-23 insert person Archie Graham
2019-09-23 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-09-23 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-09-18 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-09-18 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-09-18 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-09-18 insert person Steve Jones
2019-09-12 delete person Paul Maddison
2019-09-12 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-09-12 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-09-07 insert person Graeme Bridge
2019-09-07 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-09-02 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-09-02 delete person Jerry Lynch
2019-09-02 delete person Steve Jones
2019-09-02 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-08-27 insert person Steve Jones
2019-08-22 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-08-22 delete person Steve Jones
2019-08-11 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-08-11 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-08-08 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-08-08 delete person Paul Maddison
2019-08-08 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-08-08 insert person Jerry Lynch
2019-08-04 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-08-01 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-08-01 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-07-29 delete person Paul Maddison
2019-07-29 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-07-29 delete person Steve Jones
2019-07-29 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-07-29 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-07-25 delete person Archie Graham
2019-07-25 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-07-25 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-07-25 insert person Steve Jones
2019-07-22 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-07-22 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-07-19 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-07-19 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-07-16 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-07-16 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-07-16 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-07-16 insert person Steve Jones
2019-07-13 delete person Steve Jones
2019-07-13 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-07-06 delete person Archie Graham
2019-07-06 delete person Jerry Lynch
2019-07-06 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-07-06 insert person Steve Jones
2019-07-02 insert person Archie Graham
2019-07-02 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-06-29 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-06-26 delete person Steve Jones
2019-06-23 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-06-23 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-06-23 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-06-23 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-06-20 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-06-20 insert person Steve Jones
2019-06-16 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-06-16 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-06-16 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-06-09 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-06-06 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-06-06 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-06-06 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-06-06 insert person Steve Jones
2019-06-03 delete person Steve Jones
2019-06-03 insert person Graeme Bridge
2019-06-03 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-05-31 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-05-31 insert person Archie Graham
2019-05-28 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-05-25 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-05-22 delete person Jerry Lynch
2019-05-22 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-05-22 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-05-17 delete person Archie Graham
2019-05-11 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-05-07 delete person Steve Jones
2019-05-07 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-05-04 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-05-04 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-05-01 delete person Paul Maddison
2019-05-01 insert person Graeme Bridge
2019-04-27 delete person Archie Graham
2019-04-27 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-04-27 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-04-27 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-04-24 delete person Paul Maddison
2019-04-24 delete person Steve Jones
2019-04-24 insert person Graeme Bridge
2019-04-24 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-04-21 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-04-21 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-04-21 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-04-21 insert person Steve Jones
2019-04-18 delete person Steve Jones
2019-04-18 insert person Graeme Bridge
2019-04-18 insert person Hope Pollard
2019-04-18 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2019-04-14 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-04-11 delete person Hope Pollard
2019-04-11 delete person Paul Maddison
2019-04-11 insert person Archie Graham
2019-04-11 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-04-07 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-04-01 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-04-01 delete person Steve Jones
2019-04-01 insert person Graeme Bridge
2019-04-01 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-03-29 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-03-29 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-03-25 delete person Graeme Bridge
2019-03-25 delete person Paul Maddison
2019-03-25 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-03-21 delete person Archie Graham
2019-03-21 delete person Mike Flannery
2019-03-21 delete person Steve Jones
2019-03-21 insert index_pages_linkeddomain
2019-03-21 insert person Graeme Bridge
2019-03-21 insert person Paul Maddison
2019-02-22 delete person Sophie Mahon
2019-02-22 insert person Archie Graham
2019-01-21 delete person Samantha Hawkins
2019-01-21 insert person Mike Flannery
2019-01-21 insert person Sophie Mahon
2019-01-21 insert person Steve Jones
2018-12-14 delete person Hope Pollard
2018-12-14 insert email
2018-12-14 insert person Graeme Bridge
2018-12-14 insert person Samantha Hawkins
2018-09-21 delete person Graeme Bridge
2018-09-21 delete person Sophie Mahon
2018-09-21 insert person Archie Graham