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CMC is all about safety first. When you come to us, we except that you know how to ride and that you have a current Motorcycle Endorsement. We will offer you several courses, one of which is our new member's introduction to Group Riding. You might have years of experience riding, but for our safety, we want everyone to be on the same page. We will also offer advanced courses to enable you to grow within the Club... CMC065 is also very proud in that we have our own Clubhouse, but don't let our location fool you. It comes complete with full kitchen facilities, large screen TV and plenty of seating for most of our banquets. The large parking lot allows us to park all of our bikes and still have room to conduct drills... NO. Generally in the 1% motorcycle world "patches" are earned and must be worn. We are a riding club and have a CMC crest which is referred to as the "Madison". The Madison is NOT earned and is named after the 10 year old girl that designed it for the CMC in a contest...
Also known as: Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers, CMC065 Greater Victoria
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