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285 14th Street Burlington CO 80123
Eastern Colorado Technology provides IT Consulting, IT Support and Digital Marketing Services. We are located in Burlington Colorado. The mission of Eastern Colorado Technology is to provide outstanding, reliable IT services and digital marketing expertise at a reasonable cost. Eastern Colorado Technology understands that technology moves at an incredibly fast pace and time is money! Whether you are a small business office or just need a little IT help at home, Eastern Colorado Technology is here to help! Give us a call today 719-396-BURL... Hello, my name is Troy Schultz and I founded Eastern Colorado Technology in the summer of 2016. The mission for Eastern Colorado Technology is to provide reliable, first-class IT and Digital Marketing solutions while providing outstanding customer service... To provide excellent customer service and reliable IT and Digital Marketing expertise for our clients. From computer repair and smart phone repair to digital marketing strategies, we provide..
Primary location: Burlington United States
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