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Loriani Speech Therapy offers a wide range of services to all age groups & accommodates individuals with an array of disabilities & disorders in Burbank, California & the neighboring communities... We strive to educate & assist families to develop & implement strategies to enhance communication for individuals with diverse challenges & needs.
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saehoduangjai February 10, 2023
Tiffany Darbinian is so unorganized and RUDE! I was just notified that my daughters speech is canceled until further notice because, quote, "the therapist has not turned in reports for authorization". My daughter has been coming here a year now, and abruptly gets cut off from her routine therapy because of their negligence. And with no apologies! Why should my daughter suffer the consequences of your staffs incompetence??? This place is the worst.
mcculloughmlzitof88 January 09, 2022
I rate a one star. As a concerned parent I feel it's important to let people know that Tatev Tiffany Darbinian is not professional. She kept asking for money and wanted to charge for reports constantly she would surprise me with large bills and demand money in cash. I do not recommend and will find someone more experienced and not a crook like her.
gaitharblbroughy35 January 02, 2022
Very unprofessional. Very small cramped place. Does not want parents to see the therapies and it because some times the door has opened and they are not even giving therapy. Disrespectful Tatevik Darbinian . Do not show intetest about children just money. They encourage children to go sick with flu to not lose bills. You request to see what they are billing on your account and they do not want to give it. they use any excuse to not give it. All about money. Very sad the situation for special needs children
veriaoosval November 21, 2021
Tatev Tiffany Darbinian is very rude and hard to work with. The place is not very clean, and is very loud. Took months and many emails and phone calls to get OT reports. Told me my insurance would reimburse me 90% of the cost and they only gave back 10%. Total liar and dishonest person. Avoid her.
vannersuee6 October 09, 2021
Tatev Darbinian sucks! I called to inquire about their services and whoever was answering phones today was so rude. Please know that during this pandemic, it is not an easy decision to have my child and myself (currently expecting another child) be exposed to an unfamiliar environment, which is why I want to make sure that I find the right speech therapist before signing up for anything, hence my questions and research. In the past, I have dealt with therapy centers that actually had their therapists' bios
mariameery33 September 04, 2021
Absolute worst speech therapist for kids!!! My daughter has speech delay and she continuously made her cry and feel uncomfortable. She lacks knowledge and her logic of helping her was a computer in front of her most of the time. I can do that with an online company for only $10 a month yet she wants to charge $150 an hour. Avoid this person. She is not worth your hard earned money.