David Persaud

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Board
David Persaud brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Foundation Board. After 30 years of experience on Wall Street, David is now working one-on-one with a handful of

Julianna Ormond

Job Titles:
  • Chief Creative Officer
  • Co - Founder, CEO, and Chief Visionary of LiAison ID
Julianna Ormond is Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Visionary of LiAison iD, a leader in Research and Relationship Intelligence helping clients to better understand their genius and how it impacts those who need to know about it. Julianna has successfully founded and operated businesses in the construction, financial, and medical fields, including a top subsidiary of Cardinal Health. As a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a degree in Forensic Psychology, Ms. Ormond provides LiAison with deep leadership, advisory, and situational analysis experience, which are key drivers for the company and its capabilities.

Mindy Scarlett

Job Titles:
  • Business Owner
  • Designer
  • Teacher
  • Chief Visionary and CEO
Mindy Scarlett is a business owner, designer, teacher and long time volunteer with many