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8000 Regency Parkway, Suite 430 Cary, NC 27518 Austin, Texas
Orion Talent is a company known to break new ground in order to give businesses and job seekers more of what they need: opportunities and resources to excel at work. That is who we have been from the start when we were founded in 1991 with the mission to bring the energy, skills, and commitment abundant in military candidates to the greater marketplace, or, as we like to say, From the Battlefield to the Boardroom®... As of January 2022, Orion Talent is one brand, focused on creating design-led solutions that deliver winning talent. The company remains committed to its military DNA while developing a full-suite of technology-driven Talent Acquisition solutions, powered by a diversity-rich network of top talent... Orion Talent , a powerful force for recruitment excellence and precision, provides military hiring, skilled talent acquisition, and recruitment optimization to businesses nationwide.
Also known as: Orion ICS, LLC, Orion Talent
Primary location: Cary United States
Associated domains: acolo.com, civilianjoblink.com, hireahero.us, hireavet.net, military-talent-programs.net, militaryemployer.com, militaryoutplacement.com, militaryplacement.com, militaryplanet.com, militaryresumebuilder.com, militaryrpo.com, militaryrpo.org, militarytalentprogram.info, militarytalentprograms.net, militaryveteranemployment.com, militaryveteranjob.com, navynuke.careers, navynuke.com, orion-first.com, orion-novotus.com, orion-talent.net, orion1st.com, orionenergysolutions.com, orioninternational.com, orionleadership.com, orionmrpo.com, orionmrpo.org, orionmtp.com, orionnovotus.com, orionoffshore.com, orionrecruiting.com, orionrecruitinggroup.com, oriontechnicalstaffing.com, reachingtalent.com, rpo.services, veteranjob.com, veteranlowtohighchallenge.com, veteransbuildamerica.net, veteransbuildamerica.org, veteransworkforce.com, veteransworkforce.org, veteranworkforce.com, veteranworkforce.org
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