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8335 West Sherman Street #200, Tolleson, AZ 85353
At Ultimate European Repair, we are passionate about the level of service we provide. Our extensive experience, meticulous methods, and personalized approach provide a premium level of service that places us above our competition. All of our clients' vehicles benefit from our personalized repair experience based on their specific needs. Our Master Certified ASE & BMW technicians have years of expertise and precise attention to detail that creates consistent, affordable service, and quality care for brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen... Ultimate European Repair are your specialists in European auto services and repairs for the entire Phoenix and surrounding area, give us a call[...]... Ultimate European Repair supports our local community. We stand out for a unique level of service and unmatched quality in our field of expertise...we are proud to partner with other unique organizations who have been honored for their expertise in their respective fields. We are..
Also known as: Ultimate European Repair
Primary location: Tolleson United States
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Jay Witherspoon December 06, 2021
My experience with Owner Andrew Durkin and his shop Ultimate European Repair was as atrocious as one can get. He charged me $4,598.90 to work on my car. After paying him all this money my car was still not repaired correctly.I can unequivocally tell you that Andrew exploited my lack of car knowledge by squeezing more money out of me for unnecessary repairs. Save your money and go elsewhere. I am sharing this expensive and painful lesson to warn off others.
sarobijoyce47 November 24, 2021
I was ripped off by Andrew Durkin and Ultimate European Repair. I fell for “the never-ending repair car scam." As embarrassing as this has been I was able to muster the courage to share my experience.
reynaldocortezjr26 September 22, 2021
I hired Andrew Durkin and Ultimate European to repair leaking oil from my valve cover and oil pan. He did not fix one oil leak. I decided to cut my losses and moved on. In total Andrew ripped me off $1,290.33. The whole experience with Ultimate European has been dishonesty, pushback, and unprofessionalism. Keep your hard-earned money and go elsewhere else.