DCC - History of Changes

2020-02-14 delete person Christine Bisson-Petty
2020-02-14 insert person Merete Stenersen-Eelnurme
2019-11-10 delete president Brian Stranyak
2019-11-10 delete person Brian Stranyak
2019-11-10 insert person Ashley Duncan
2019-11-10 update person_title David Nall: Member of the Appointed Officers Team; MGST Director => Member of the Appointed Officers Team
2019-05-11 insert contact_pages_linkeddomain wixsite.com
2019-05-11 insert index_pages_linkeddomain wixsite.com
2019-04-10 insert email ra..@downrivercycling.org
2019-04-10 insert person Eric Lawson
2019-02-05 update website_status FlippedRobots => OK
2019-01-10 update website_status IndexPageFetchError => FlippedRobots