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Greg Lawrence DCh, 101-1A Princess Anne Drive, Georgetown ON, L7G4W4
Working with the Belize Diabetes Association and Superior Medical, I got the opportunity along with collegue Sonia Maragoni, to go to the country of Belize to treat patients. Belize has the highest incidence of Diabetes in all of central america along with a high amputation rate. The goal of this mission was to see as many people we could as well as teach diabetic screening to health care practitioners in the area. We were fortunate enough to work in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City and the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk, Belize. We met many wonderful patients who were very gracious and welcoming to us. One lady travelled 7 hours by bus to see us. We made many connections there and upon our return have been introduced to a team from New York that returns yearly to Belize. They have developed a team of specialists that are working with the Ministry of Health, doctors, nurses and various other health care practitioners to reduce the Diabetic complications like..
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