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Gustav Mahlerplein 102 Toyo lto Building, 20th Floor 1082 MA Amsterdam The Netherlands
Science and technology are accelerating at such a pace that we need to recognize as a large corporation that our role is often to monitor, support and influence. M Ventures, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a subsidiary of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany is central to our ambitions to push the edge of what's possible in healthcare, life sciences, advanced materials and beyond. Through this venture fund, we join forces with industry visionaries in order to maintain our science and technology leadership for the next generation... We admire entrepreneurs for their ability to turn science, technology and groundbreaking ideas into a product vision that could improve patient's lives, disrupt industries or transform the way we live. We want to play our part in changing the world by provide these startups the exceptional support they need to make their vision a commercial success. We help our companies interface with our parent company, providing unique access to the broad expertise and..
Registration numbers: HRB 6164 (W)
VAT numbers: DE 811850788
Primary location: Amsterdam Netherlands
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