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Louis R. Weber Building 1874 Campus Delivery Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1874
We are an all-inclusive, friendly department committed to our students and their professional development. Our students work with researchers who are dedicated to applications in medical imaging, cybersecurity, collegiate mathematics education, national and global defense, geosciences, biological processes, and data science, as well as foundational research in algebraic geometry, combinatorics, computational science, mathematical physics, number theory, and topology... Our department strives to create an environment which embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice as core values. All members of the department, including faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students, are expected to foster a community in which all feel welcomed, valued, and heard. We consider diversity in the broadest terms possible, including but not limited to gender identity and expression, sexuality, age, race, disability, nationality, religious affiliation or lack thereof, economic status,..
Primary location: Fort Collins United States
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