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4TH RING ROAD, BLDG NO 16, AL RAI 24766464, 24749741, 90920883 Show Room 2
Home and Garden is a Kuwaiti company that believes every home should have its own secret garden. We thrive to have every garden unique with its own experience. With team work and dedication, we offer products and services including landscape designs, implementation and maintenance, plants, pots and planters, outdoor floorings, artificial grass, garden lightings, garden furniture, accessories and much more. We at Home and Garden thrive to beautify homes through this art form... With a passion desire for environmental enhancement and beautification, we continue to improve everything we do and deliver highest quality, innovative and unique Home and Garden solutions to bring you closer to nature... Today Home and Garden is operating in a state-of-the-art facility in Kuwait. Four retail outlets spread across 3000 m² and 100,000 m². of green houses and production area to house our nursery stocks.
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