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Lawnifi is the sister brand to Amp Agronomy. Amp Agronomy markets liquid fertility products to Ag, Golf, Sports, and Lawn Care professionals using the same Catalyst technology and agronomic philosophies... Sod Solutions has been an innovator in the Turfgrass industry for over 25 years. In that time our team has released and marketed over a dozen patented turfgrass varieties grown on over 20,000 acres across 250 farms all over the world. We know and are passionate about lawns and landscapes. Lawnifi was founded in 2016 in a partnership between Sod Solutions and Gulf Coast Organics... Lawnifi's mission is to deliver simple and effective consumer lawn care products that minimize impact on our environment. We wholeheartedly believe that too much Nitrogen is applied on landscapes each year. Our programs use 80% less nitrogen by delivering nutrients that are fully ready to use, encouraging healthy soils and microbial populations through humates and carbon, and providing the micronutrients..
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