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Class B RVs are built in vans from Ford, Dodge, Mercedes, and Chevrolet. They have metal bodies, unlike class B+ which have fiberglass bodies. Their metal bodies don't require the upkeep that fiberglass bodies require. Class B vans are no wider than the Transit, Paseo, Sprinter, and Savannah vans they are built in. They also come in the same lengths as the vans they are based on. Even though they don't have as much insulation as a class B+, they are smaller and therefore more easily heated. Class B units are most easily identified because they are an RV inside of a van body... Class B+ RVs are fiberglass bodies built onto a van cutout chassis from Ford, Dodge, or Mercedes. The cab portion is the same as the van, but behind the cab is a fiberglass body designed and built by the RV manufacturer. All of the class B+ RVs are larger than the class B vans. Some have slightly flared sides and are a bit taller than class B vans, but many are much wider and taller blurring the line between..
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