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Penrod Accounting, LLC offers personal income tax preparation because Dawn believes there are a small handful of people who can successfully prepare their own tax returns, but that the majority of us need help. If you own a home and have a child, you may be able to get by without professional help. But, what are the deductions you are missing? With over 30 years of experience preparing tax returns, Dawn is aware of many deductions people can take and how they apply to certain situations. Once you start adding things to your tax returns, things become more complicated and the room for errors expands. A small home business might seem easy with the tax software available, but not being aware of what you can or cannot deduct will cost you money in the long run. Financial Investments and Rental Properties are portions of a tax return where many people make costly mistakes. Receiving Partnership or S-Corp income can be tricky unless you know the rules for passive income. Penrod Accounting,..
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