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1811 R Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20009
The Yahrzeit, meaning "time of the year" in Yiddish, is the anniversary of the death of a relative and is observed as a solemn occasion in all branches of Judaism. A special candle is lit, burning for the full 24 hours of the anniversary date. The purpose of our program is to provide a Yahrzeit reminder for you and your family, and to eternally provide information and photographs about your loved ones... When a loved one passes away, it is traditional to observe the seven days of Shivah. A yahrzeit marks both the end of the year of mourning, and the anniversary of death. Jews are required to commemorate the death of parents, siblings, spouses, or children. A 24-hour candle is lit the erev, or evening, before the yarzeit. This custom is deeply ingrained in Jewish communities, and is seen as a way to honor the memory and souls of the deceased... 1811 R Street NW Washingon, DC Honor the Memory of Your Loved One. Create a Memorial to Share with Family and Friends. It is traditional to..
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