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30 Eastbourne Terrace Paddington, London W2 6LA, UK
Zendesk is a complete customer service solution that's easy to use and scales with your business... Successful companies also understand the need for technology/software that helps their business adapt in today's world. Founded to democratise customer service software and make it easy to try, buy and use, Zendesk is built on an open and flexible platform that is quick to set up and fully customisable. With Zendesk, companies of all sizes and across industries make it easy for customers to do business with them. Our solutions set teams up for success and keep businesses in sync. The result: better, more conversational experiences for everyone... At Zendesk we're on a mission to simplify the complexity of business and make it easy for companies and customers to create connections. We show companies how to unlock the power of everyday customer interactions so they can make those experiences extraordinary.
Also known as: Zendesk Foundation, Zendesk Group, Zendesk UK, Zendesk Ventures, Zendesk, Inc.
Primary location: London United Kingdom
Associated domains: basecrm.us, besthelpdesk.com, chatopstest.com, futuresimple.com, getbase.com, getquotebase.com, grademysupport.com, help-desk-system.net, hostedticketingsystem.net, it-support-software.net, mykb.org, networkedhelpdesk.com, online-help-desk-software.com, online-ticketing-system.com, outbound.io, saas-help-desk-software.net, saas-help-desk.com, saas-help-desk.net, smooch.io, support-ticket-software.com, support-ticket-software.net, support-ticket-system.com, support-ticket-system.net, supportticketsystem.net, trouble-ticket-system.com, troubleticketsystem.com, tymeshift.com, zen-desk.co.uk, zen-desk.com, zen-desk.dk, zenchats.com, zenconversations.com, zencrm.com, zendesk.ae, zendesk.app, zendesk.asia, zendesk.be, zendesk.biz, zendesk.ca, zendesk.com.ru, zendesk.eu, zendesk.info, zendesk.io, zendesk.mobi, zendesk.net, zendesk.us, zendeskexpert.com, zendeskhq.com, zendeskspeedtest.com, zenhelpcenter.com, zenhelpcenters.com, zenknowledgebase.com, zenmessages.com, zennetworkedhelpdesk.com, zenproblemticket.com, zensoftwares.com, zop.im
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