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Doug is one of the most motivated and optimistic people I know, and always looks ahead for the next big thing. He has a keen awareness of the world around him and the different factors at play, and understands the concept of hard work. As an entrepreneur he is constantly evolving and maturing and creating powerful connections with his clientele. A great guy for sure!... Doug is a very motivated, driven, and reliable person to have on your team. I've known him for over 20 years and I've been able to watch him turn an idea into reality. He has been an owner, entrepreneur, and someone that is not scared to chase his goals and dreams. He's not afraid to fail if it means taking a step forward. If you hire Doug, you'll be hiring someone that will make an immediate impact to your business. Doug is that potential hire that you won't have to worry about... My Name is Douglas Penrod and this is my Portfolio. I specialize Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Adobe Creative Cloud and so much..
Also known as: Douglas Penrod
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