Alice Legrottaglie

Alice recently graduated BA(Hons) in French with Business Management, has experience working in logistics and as an Administrative assistant, with a brief foray into teaching via the British Council's English Assistant program in Lyon, France.

Gilly McCarthy

Job Titles:
  • Executive Assistant
Gilly has over 15 years' experience working as a senior Personal Assistant in various sectors such as banking, advertising and tv sponsorship before joining Sunitha at London Scholars.

Sunitha John - Founder

Job Titles:
  • Director
  • Founder
Sunitha has been engaged within the Education sector for more than 25 years as a Teacher of English, as well as an Education Consultant. Sunitha is extremely experienced in servicing the growing demand for placements within the British education system. She has worked as Head of English at Wetherby Preparatory School and was also Deputy Head at Portland Place School. Sunitha still teaches English and is looking at completing her PhD in the near future. She is passionate about children's education, believing that every child has the ability to learn and should be given the opportunity to excel through their natural thirst for knowledge.