UES - Key Persons


Job Titles:
  • Director, Commercial Sales / Constellation Energy / Professional and Responsive
I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with the entire UES staff from their beginnings in 2012, and they have always remained professional and responsive. With their continued growth and expansion they have remained open to technology and ideas to help further their growth. I am excited about the future of UES and what we can do in our partnership to continue to achieve success.

Chris Hoffer

Job Titles:
Chris works closely with our retail partners to create and execute our market strategy and long-term vision for growth. He oversees the retail sales teams, ensuring UES is hitting our retail partners' sales and revenue growth goals. Prior to joining UES, he spent 13 years developing and building sales channels for software companies. He earned his Bachelor's from the University of Illinois and his MBA from Loyola University of Chicago.


Job Titles:
  • Vice President, Mass Markets

James Caridi

Job Titles:
James joined UES in 2014 and oversees campaigns across market segments ranging from energy and telecom to internet and cable. He manages sales and operations for our consumer business, ensuring that UES is hitting the sales and revenue growth goals of our consumer partners. Prior to joining UES, he worked for 5 years in sales at a leading energy company. He earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Florida.


Job Titles:
  • Business Development Director

Jason Nowling

Job Titles:
Jason has been with UES since the beginning. He oversees sales operations for our commercial energy division. Prior to joining UES, Jason was the Director of Sales at a leading energy company, where he oversaw market expansion efforts, managed internal and third-party sales and operations, as well as implementing major sales initiatives. Jason earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Florida, where he also played baseball for the Gators.

Justin Bishop - COO

Job Titles:
As COO, Justin directs day-to-day operations and negotiates and launches new revenue streams. Justin creates congruence between the existing business and the company's long-term vision. Prior to working at UES, Justin managed sales operations for a leading energy company where he demonstrated foresight, imagination and innovation in surpassing ambitious growth goals. Justin earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Florida.

Matt March

Job Titles:
Matt brings more than 20 years of experience in the direct sales industry to his role overseeing consumer and retail sales. Prior to joining UES, Matt served as the executive VP of one of the country's largest providers of direct sales and management solutions, with over 1,200 agents nationwide. He has managed national accounts for Fortune 500 companies, and launched successful campaigns in retail, consumer, commercial, and experiential marketing.

Michael Scott - CEO

Job Titles:
As CEO, Michael oversees the company's direction and manages the wholesale and consulting channels. Many of the cornerstones of UES' success are a result of the strategic partnerships Michael has developed and leveraged throughout his career. Prior to launching UES, he served as COO of a leading energy conglomerate while also managing a personal portfolio of domestic and international clients. Michael earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas.