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My name is Irene Tuliao, Single Parent from Toronto Canada, aged 37. I was born in Philippines and moved to Toronto when I was 24. My first job was a caregiver and spent few years with my employer. After few years, I have received my Citizenship. I worked multiple jobs to support my daughter. I became hopeless, exhausted, depressed and anxious as I did not have any time with my child. I decided to attend school and finished my program. During those years, I was financially unstable and recalled I had $10 left on my pocket. My Parents and I planned to send my daughter in the Philippines. As a mother, separating with my child temporary was the most painful happened to me. I focused on my studies and worked as well. In 2016, I have received my diploma in Human Resources and found a job in a Staffing Agency and worked for 2 years. I have had to experience to work up to 90 hours per week to increase my savings. I suffered health issues due to my daily routine... For 14 years I have lived..
Also known as: Irene Tuliao
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