At Globe Trotter Canada, every item is personally selected and meant to bring joy to the customer. A majority of our products are plant-based, ethically made items in line with our philosophy of not harming the planet, animals, and people. This is done while still maintaining efficient and sustainable business practices. Let our items inspire awe and help you be true to yourself-you are wonderful just the way you are!... Our founder started Globe Trotter Canada in the hopes of making hard-to-find, ethically made products easily accessible to everyone. Much of our merchandise comes from remote areas, and we want to give these lesser-known items a chance to shine. We also want creators to have the opportunity to profit from their work. Most importantly, we want to give back to our communities... Our products typically take (3) to (7) business days to ship. We use Canada Post as our courier, and our service area covers Canada and the United States and its U.S territories.
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