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Unit 46-02, Block C (Second Floor), Plaza KL Traders Square (KLTS), Jalan Gombak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Answering the global call for a cleaner and greener world, MAGNUM has been established to manufacture and commercialize the latest cutting edge battery technology.
Also known as: MAGNUM BEV, MAGNUM New Energy Co., Ltd.
Primary location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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L M July 29, 2022
(continued) This woman knows no decency, her appearance is unreasonably cheeky and arrogant. Insults and slander are just as much a part of Ms. Boos' everyday life as are lies and deceit - she uses these tools with virtuosity and without restraint. So avoid the nasty greedy scammer Michelle Boos and her fellow players at all cost!
L M July 29, 2022
Anyone who knows her knows who Michelle Boos really is: a ruthless con artist who only seeks her own gain. In return, she skillfully seduces her victims. Highly intelligent, she boasts with her origins, her education, her (supposed) reputation and her international connections. And anyone who doesn't follow her beguiling voice, her arguments or lectures or her persuasion (better: her tall tales) will be dismissed or punished with irony or rude comments.
J W Wong March 14, 2022
MICHELLE BOOS, THE OWNER IS A SCAMMER & FRAUD. Her companies Magnum Bev and Meejaim have stolen over $600k USD from clients.