CLOUD CYCLE - Key Persons

Dyal Singh

Job Titles:
  • Head of Customer Operations

Ed Waugh

Job Titles:
  • CTO / Specialist at Scaling UX - Focused and Accessible Tech Platforms. Previously Uber Where He Led the Development and Roll Out of Access Products in the UK
Specialist at scaling UX-focused and accessible tech platforms. Previously Uber where he led the development and roll out of access products in the UK

Georgie McNee

Job Titles:
  • Head of Engineering
  • Head of Sensors Team
Head of Engineering Former head of sensors team at Dyson, with expertise in sensors, measurement, electronics and a passion for climate change solutions

Geraldine Hodges

Job Titles:
  • Managing Director / Chartered Accountant and an Expert in Scale - Up Clean - Tech, Private Equity, M & a, Due Diligence, and Financial Modelling. Previously PWC, Interserve PLC, Caltex.
Chartered Accountant and an expert in scale-up clean-tech, private equity, M&A, due diligence, and financial modelling. Previously PWC, Interserve PLC, Caltex.

Phill White

Job Titles:
  • Founder / Construction and Tech Engineer Who Brings Together Strategic Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Attention to Detail to Solve Technological Problems.
Construction and tech engineer who brings together strategic thinking, communication, collaboration and attention to detail to solve technological problems.

Russell Elfenbein

Job Titles:
  • Founder and CEO / Business Leader With Focus on Operations, People, Systems, Governance and Productivity. Implements Robust Structure and Processes and Makes Things Happen.
Business leader with focus on operations, people, systems, governance and productivity. Implements robust structure and processes and makes things happen.