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2 Jalan Puchong Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor. Malaysia
Our printing facility operates over a factory area of more than 50,000 square feet with competent staff of over 70 people. Our in-house capacity on Pre-Press includes high-end computers and Heidelberg technology computer-to-plate machines. Running on a 24 hours operation, we believe our production capability is able to meet our clients' requirements on quality print and precise timeline... At Maxima, we believe we can provide high quality prints at very competitive price and delivering satisfaction on every print... ​We are committed to excellent customer service, leading edge print services, creative products and the best quality.
Also known as: Maxima Colour Sdn Bhd
Primary location: Puchong Malaysia
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Hummus November 21, 2021
Last friday I went to collect my printing. Sadly , I was treated very rudely by the front desk. I don't think they have the training they needed.
Zul November 19, 2021
Printing colour have defect. Have ask to change for almost 2 weeks but no reply from the person in charge.
Syam November 14, 2021
Printing quality not nice. Not allow to change. Service is bad
Krishna November 12, 2021
The printing quality not so good. Then the customer service quite rude.
Yong November 03, 2021
All those score above are just tricking people. This company just less than a star.
Yong November 03, 2021
Customer service at the counter is rude. This lady ,I not sure why or what happen to her. When i try to ask some question regarding the printing and colour. She said she has no time help me to find . She ask me to go and find out colour i need. I was sirprise with her behavior. can a staff ask the customer to find our selve. She then just left..I was shock. Then far away i heard her scolding on of her colleague from far. WOW ...she just like a maniac. Then continue bang on table for 2 times.
Ramli October 31, 2021
The printing quality is bad.No staff over the counter .Waited quite a while only 1 staff came.
Mohd October 29, 2021
Very rude staff.
Mohd October 29, 2021
Customer service at the counter is very rude. And at the same diia suruh saya find the details first before finding them. It is ridiculuos, what type of company is this by hiring such rude staff.
Wong October 27, 2021
Printing quality is very poor. Still ask the customer to find the details of the printing without checking
Adam October 20, 2021
Printing poor quality. Customer service also poor
Amy October 19, 2021
Poor customer service