Emily Gus

Job Titles:
  • Research Coordinator
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Emily Gus (she/her) joined the Center for Practice Transformation (CPT) as a Research Coordinator with an MPH in Community Health Promotion from the University of Minnesota. Before joining the CPT team, Emily worked with communities to address health disparities

Jennifer Wiseman

Job Titles:
  • Staff Member

Jillian Wright

Job Titles:
  • Staff Member
Jillian began her work with the Center for Practice Transformation as a graduate research assistant while she completed her master's in Integrated Behavioral Health. She is currently the Center's Associate Director of Community Engagement and continues work as a clinical trainer. At the Center for Practice Transformation Jillian helped evaluate a new psychotherapy intervention for people who have recently experienced their first episode of psychosis. Prior to this, Jillian worked with research teams studying resilience, co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and substance use disorders at the Minneapolis Veteran's Affairs Medical Center. Jillian is passionate about supporting practitioners in deepening their commitment to heart-centered, recovery-focused, evidence-informed care, and in therapy practice, she is proud to have been certified in prolonged exposure for the treatment of PTSD. As a psychotherapist she is humbled to witness the incredible resilience and healing processes of those she serves.

Julie Rohovit

Job Titles:
  • Center Director
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Julie is one of the founders of the Center for Practice Transformation and has served as PI and Co-PI since its inception in 2012. In her role as Director, Julie guides the CPT mission and the development of best practices in training, technology transfer and sustainability to support and enhance applied recovery-oriented clinical knowledge and skills for the behavioral workforce. Prior to joining the Center full-time, Julie also designed, developed and directed the country's first truly integrated clinical master's degree program: The University of Minnesota's Masters of Professional Studies in Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH). In addition, she developed, directed and taught in the U of M's Master of Professional Studies in Addictions Counseling and Addiction Studies Certificates. In her free time, Julie enjoys hiking, lake swimming, singing, trying new recipes from around the world, and spirited board games with her family.

Ken Winters

Job Titles:
  • Consultant
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Michael Van Wert

Job Titles:
  • Associate Director of Research and Evaluation
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Michael joined the Center for Practice Transformation in 2022 after working for the previous 12 years in community psychiatry programs using group and individual therapy rooted heavily in cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavior orientations helping adults cope with and heal from acute mental health challenges. He has been involved in mixed methods research and quality improvement initiatives to study the prevention and treatment of psychological trauma, stabilization of acute behavioral health symptoms (e.g., suicide, self-harm, substance abuse), integration of routine measurement-based care into mental health practice, human cognition, the use of technology in mental health care, and the impact of health disasters on psychological well-being. As an educator, he has trained mental health clinicians and students in effective therapeutic techniques, and public health practitioners in program evaluation and research methods. At the Center, Michael develops curriculum, trains clinicians/students, and evaluates training initiatives.

Shiheina Munye

Job Titles:
  • Engagement & Communications Specialist Read Bio

Steve Carlson

Job Titles:
  • Center in 2014 As a Clinical Trainer
  • Clinical Trainer
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Steve joined the Center in 2014 as a Clinical Trainer. Prior to this he served as the Director of Training at a local Minnesota non-profit. He has had a full career in the mental health field spanning nearly forty years. His focus has included clinical work as a psychologist and psychotherapist in a variety of community mental health settings. Areas of work have been in day treatment for individuals with serious mental illness, in-home family therapy, adolescent residential treatment, and crisis intervention work. During the past fifteen years Steve's interest and work has been assisting people who live on the edges of society, particularly those with serious mental illness who are also homeless, obtain and maintain housing. Steve has incorporated the Sanctuary Model for Trauma Informed Care as a primary model of practice in his work and life. As a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), Steve provides workshops for agencies and groups in this approach. Steve seeks to live a simple life in Pine City, Minnesota where for the past eight years has been restoring an old log cabin with an intention of creating a sustainable sanctuary for all forms of living creatures including bees, butterflies, bats, bugs, and birds; with occasional welcome visits from humans.