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SSD Chemicals is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. With the purpose of enhancing the quality of life in a material way, SSD Chemicals works with customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability... Our products are rigorously tested and proven. Our people are some of the most capable, creative specialists in the chemical manufacturing industry. SSD Chemicals devises the right solution for your unique facility and issues, even if it means altering an established compound or developing a new method. Our team will work with you to solve issues in your facility before they become problems. Experience the peace of mind that comes from doing business with our proven SSD Chemicals team today!
Primary location: Sacramento United States
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leemong1608 September 17, 2022
Please don't buy from this website scammer are there they will take your money and not provide any product people are hardworking and Robb your money
leemong1608 September 10, 2022
Fraud product Prashant Kumar no Nancy no Linda you and your fake employees who is doing fraud with hard working people just stop it you fraudsters
Kupallikuvempu September 05, 2022
Really good caluanie chemical, we sales locally our customer satified.... Thanks Nancy universal chemical
Kupallikuvempu September 05, 2022
I purchased caluanie chemical good but we want video guide in future
rajsampath241 August 12, 2022
This product good
rajsampath241 August 12, 2022
the product is excellent and outstanding
rajsampath241 August 12, 2022
Thanks to SSD Chemicals. Product was wonderful.
rajsampath241 August 12, 2022
Company was good. Product is working fine
kattimanidevaraj78 August 11, 2022
Universal Chemical IS Good
pandejadav August 10, 2022
Company some attitude strict: positive nature overal experience good
pandejadav August 10, 2022
My side my orders experience very good
pandejadav August 10, 2022
As company mention all document we received in time
leemong1608 July 29, 2022
Fraud company this company belong to Karnataka not USA
leemong1608 July 27, 2022
I don't give one star also you are just a fraud fraud fraud promodinikerala stop it making fraud people they earn money from hardwork and you and your scammer make fool and take money from them stop it before I taake name of all yours
leemong1608 July 21, 2022
Fraud fraud fraud universalchemical.org is a fraud website I will soon revel the scammer name who all are there
leemong1608 July 20, 2022
Worst company ever this is not a company there a scammer fraudsters like Karnataka people I don't want to take the name of them you better tell the truth or I will tell the scammer name
surajbarjathiyakga01 July 19, 2022
your customer service is awesome , your website is awesome as are you prices – sold – you have a new customer thamks
surajbarjathiyakga01 July 19, 2022
open the branch in all countries it will use full for the public peoples and who have black money they will use it
surajbarjathiyakga01 July 19, 2022
Is Product Is Very Good SSD Chemical Dollar Cleaning Solution Is very Good, thanks Given Grate Experience.
surajbarjathiyakga01 July 19, 2022
We searched this Chemical last from 2 month now we get from Univesal chemical. Product is good.
surajbarjathiyakga01 July 19, 2022
Is Product Is Very Good SSD Chemical Dollar Cleaning Solution Is very Good, thanks Given Grate Experience. but its loss 10% not cleaned.
pankajkumarkgs1980 July 19, 2022
Product delivery was good packaged and on time. Caluanie mulear oxidiser chemical works well as mentioned
pankajkumarkgs1980 July 19, 2022
I purchased caluanie mulear oxidiser chemical from company. Service was very good.but Little delay in delivery.
pankajkumarkgs1980 July 19, 2022
Caluanie chemical is good and working. If they provide video tutorial it will be more easy
kathyahinikg July 19, 2022
Good products
kathyahinikg July 19, 2022
Best chemical but shipping 1 day delay www.universalchemical.org is best service
kathyahinikg July 19, 2022
Totally good experience
kathyahinikg July 19, 2022
Company is good thanks for given good experience every ware negative people every ware) truly my experience good.
leemong1608 May 25, 2022
It's Scammer website it's handle by Indian Karnataka people and showing that they are from USA don't buy from this website universalchemical.org
kgpuae April 07, 2022
Best service product is good
khanshoaib8424 September 23, 2021
Fraud website