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Churchgate Academy, College Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 9LY
Our aim is to make more people aware of the amazing achievements of Mary Seacole. Mary was a very caring and compassionate woman from Jamaica who went to the Crimea and helped treat wounded British soldiers. She went independently, using her own money. Whilst this was a difficult time for people like Mary, she was also a business woman, traveller and author. She showed great courage, compassion and is a wonderful example of the importance of connecting people of different cultures and races... We are a fully comprehensive, mixed ability 11-16 school, and form part of the Generations Multi Academy Trust led by Goffs. Our school currently has 545 students, and will to grow to 600 students next year. As such, Goffs-Churchgate will deliberately operate as a smaller sized school and maintain its extremely tight sense of community... We are also responsible for the beautiful statue of Mary Seacole which was unveiled in 2016 at St Thomas's hospital in London.
Primary location: Cheshunt United Kingdom
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