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80 South Eighth Street 500 IDS Center Minneapolis, MN 55402
Lathrop GPM was formed in 2020 through the combination of two 100+-year firms, both with strong Midwestern cores - Lathrop Gage (established in Kansas City in 1873) and Gray Plant Mooty (established in Minneapolis in 1866). Our nearly 400 attorneys practice in 14 offices nationwide, located from coast to coast - allowing us to quickly respond to clients' needs at the local, state or national levels... Lathrop GPM serves a client base whose businesses form the backbone of our economy. Our clients run factories, build skylines, cure diseases, create jobs and power our world. And we work alongside them the entire way - immersing ourselves in our clients' organizations and partnering with them to understand the big picture, so we can think past the day-to-day and help our clients anticipate future challenges. From the research lab to the factory floor, from oil fields to skyscrapers - we work as one integrated team to help our clients achieve their most important objectives... Clients..
Also known as: Lathrop Gage LLP, Lathrop Gage Named Among Inc., Lathrop Gage Recognized, Lathrop GPM LLP
Primary location: Minneapolis United States
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