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Unit 4 Flagship Square, Shaw Cross Business Park, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF12 7TH
Waterlogic is an innovative global designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of drinking water dispensers designed for offices, schools, hospitals, hospitality and public spaces... Waterlogic was founded in 1992 on the belief that there must be a better way to deliver high quality water to customers without using chemicals harmful to health or impacting the planet with plastic waste and carbon-emitting supply chains. Since then, we have worked hard to develop an extensive range of drinking water solutions under the Waterlogic umbrella, using proprietary technologies and innovations such as Firewall® UVC purification. This enables us to deliver highly-certified, great-tasting water in a safe and environmentally-responsible way, giving our customers the high quality sustainable choice they, and our planet, deserve.
Also known as: Waterlogic Australia, Waterlogic Austria, Waterlogic Belgium, Waterlogic Bulgaria, Waterlogic Chile, Waterlogic China, Waterlogic Colombia, Waterlogic Czech Republic, Waterlogic Denmark, Waterlogic Finland, Waterlogic France, Waterlogic GB Limited, Waterlogic GB Ltd, Waterlogic Germany, Waterlogic Group, Waterlogic Group Holdings, Waterlogic Group Holdings Ltd., Waterlogic Holdings, Waterlogic Holdings Limited, Waterlogic Holdings Ltd., Waterlogic Hungary, Waterlogic Ireland, Waterlogic Limited, Waterlogic Netherlands, Waterlogic New Zealand, Waterlogic Norway, Waterlogic Portugal, Waterlogic Puerto Rico, Waterlogic Spain, Waterlogic Sweden, Waterlogic UK
Registration numbers: 04051205 (W), 108193 (W), 167A (W)
VAT numbers: GB828382407
Primary location: Dewsbury United Kingdom
Associated domains: advancedwatersolution.com, awspurewater.com, billabongwater.com.au, bluereserve.com, brontewater.co.uk, citywater.ca, citywaterinternational.ca, citywaterinternational.com, clearwaterfilters.com.au, crosswaterga.com, culligan.com.au, culliganwater.com.au, direct-water-coolers.co.uk, directwatercoolers.com, ditchthebottle.com, drinktoyourhealth.ca, empirefilteredwater.com, h20coolers.com, h2only.com.au, hepscott.com, home2officewatercoolers.co.uk, horizon-drinking-fountain.co.uk, horizon-water-coolers.co.uk, horizonwater.co.uk, horizonwater.uk, horizonwatercoolers.co.uk, icewatersource.com, lesliewaterworks.com, lesliewaterworks.net, mainepurewatertreatment.com, mywluk.co.uk, onesourceh20.com, onesourcewater.org, purepolarwater.com, puretechgroup.com, purewatergeorgia.com, purewaterohio.com, purewatertech-tristate.com, pwt-us.com, refreshingcoolers.co.uk, refreshingwatercoolers.co.uk, smartwatercooler.com, thecoolercompanyreno.com, unlimitedwater.com.au, wateringwell.co.uk, wateringwell.com, waterlogic-email.com, waterlogic.ae, waterlogic.ch, waterlogic.co.il, waterlogic.co.kr, waterlogic.co.nz, waterlogic.co.uk, waterlogic.com.ar, waterlogic.com.br, waterlogic.com.tr, waterlogic.ie, waterlogic.in, waterlogic.jp, waterlogic.ro, waterlogic.sg, waterlogic.tv, waterlogic.tw, waterlogicaustralia.com, waterlogicaustralia.com.au, waterlogicaustralia.net, waterlogiccanada.ca, waterlogicglobal.com
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