At Dougherty Brothers Moving, we are happy to provide any services that will ensure the ease of your move. The disassembly of all standard furniture, wrapping items in quilted moving blankets, loading, transport, unloading, and reassembly of standard furniture upon delivery is all included in your move facilitated by us. Some of our additional services include special packing, storage, shuttling, and the providing of moving supplies... When you choose Dougherty Brothers Moving, you are getting an entire team of professionals dedicated to giving you the five-star experience you deserve. Our vast network of highly-skilled movers allows us to hand-select the very best team for the job. We specialize in residential, corporate, and military moves of all distances, as well as the transportation of high-value single items. Additionally, we offer an array of services that are designed to lighten your load. These include but are not limited to packing, storage, moving supplies, and shuttling...
Also known as: Dougherty Brothers, Dougherty Brothers Moving LLC
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hoistmeupscotty April 29, 2021
Great company information overview. We used this site to research Dougherty Brothers before we used them. I am pleased to say they live up to their good reviews